The People You’ll Find at a Surf Dads Show

They look nice, don’t they?

20 minutes earlier…

Surf Dads 6

Yeah that’s Surf Dads. Heard of them? No? You will. Surf Dads are Chris Dimas and Gage McGuire. One lives in California while the other is rooted in Saskatchewan. With the miles between the two they’ve managed to put out three EP’s, the last of which, A Nice Boy, was completed in just 9 hours. Spending more time apart than together, they still manage to write, record and somehow make some amazing music without ever really being in the same room. On their first tour, it’s clear when they do get together some crazy shit goes down. They are a  spectacle that will have you screaming, hitting and feeling a little a violated by how into it you got. From the moment they climb on stage, these prairie boys are already thinking of ways jump off of it.

Last Friday, hidden in the back of The Central amid the cluster of Christmas lights, red velvet curtain and a slight burning smell, the boys of Surf Dads  played their second out of three nights in Toronto. Branding The Central with their sounds from Regina all the way to California, the band also brought out some characters.

These are a few of the people you’re sure to find at the perfect chaos that is a Surf Dads show.

Surf Dads - beer

Looked at the photo? Look again.

The Mosher

We see you. Hear you. And we sure as hell feel you. There are two kinds of people who mosh. The considerate–someone who only involves those who are into being slammed, punched and wetted by beer. He does his thing and winds down before anything  gets too crazy….and then there’s the that other guy. The one who would be screaming and shoulder slamming at T-Swift. He lives to take things to the next level, because after all, it’s not fun until someone’s bleeding, right? We get it you’re into having fun and showing the band your love but tone it down a smidgen because the next guy is there too.

The Guy Trying Not to Spill his Beer

Can you spot him? The mosher is his natural enemy. He’s just trying to have a good time. He’s too old to partake in the moshing but young enough to spend his Friday’s at a show with moshing. He’s close to the front nodding along as if the lead is an old friend telling him a good joke. All the rambunctious kids jumping around don’t bother him, as long as they don’t spill his beer. 8 dollars is expensive after all!

The Teen with a Good Fake ID

Psst. Your age is showing. You have a damn good fake ID, but you’re a little too, well, wild. He stays in the back trying to look in his element and invisible until the show begins. Rushing into the darkness at the stage edge, he takes his rightful place and enjoys what is, to him, the most exhilarating evening. He’s here because he heard his cool older brother talk about what a “sick show” it would be. Alas, he now knows it’s true.

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Guy

This is the one unlucky guy who ends up with the bloody lip and he wasn’t even in the moshpit. He just wanted to be close. So as the set goes on he moves closer and closer to the front cautiously making sure he’s not in anyones way. Too bad that the band jumped off of the stage and low and behold, goes straight for him. A few pushes later, perhaps a spilt drink, he’s right in the middle of it all.

The (Slightly) Ashamed Girlfriend

She’s fun, likes good music, beer and those random back alley bars. She lives for shows with the unknown. But once her boyfriend meets up with his bros and begins head-banging she retreats to the side and settles into the booth for the night. She doesn’t look at the band as they rush the crowd as they thrash, eventually ending up sweaty, hoarse and satisfied. Instead, she looks at her boyfriend right there with them, yelling, jumping and conjuring up what tomorrow will be the world’s most epic hangover. In the end, she decides to jump up and get in on the fun, but the crowd is too wound up and she normally ends up one of two ways: in her boyfriends arms, or being the baddest thing on the dance floor.

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