Calgary heavy rockers Miesha & The Spanks are back with their​ latest release entitled Singles EP. #CMIAE artist Miesha Louie spoke with CMI via email about the record’s origins, adapting from an ever touring live band to releasing music under lockdown, balancing creativity and new motherhood, and exploring what it means to be a “Mixed Blood Girl”. Q: HOW DIDContinue reading “INTERVIEW WITH MIESHA AND THE SPANKS”

You Need to Hear: Ida Maria “I’m Busy”

Ida Maria is back with a track true to her indie rock roots, “I’m Busy.” It’s been a while, over ten years, since fans have gotten to see this side of Maria since the perfection that was Katla back in 2010. Taking a break to focus on gospel and collaborating with other artists like AndrewContinue reading “You Need to Hear: Ida Maria “I’m Busy””


Full interview on After spending 2020 locked away in his creative space, Saint Idiot (Tomáš Andel) emerges from the incense smoke and potted plants with a new single, “Bubblewrap.” We met this Edmonton-based musician in the first virtual offering of our Artist Entrepreneur program last summer. To celebrate his latest release, we caught up (virtually) toContinue reading “Q&A WITH #CMISUPPORTED SAINT IDIOT”


Hey all, I’ve started doing interviews for work so here is a sneak peak, check out the full read on “With a new single out, Taigenz, a self-described “North American city boy with a unique African sound”, has utilized the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic to release new music and solidify his brandContinue reading “Q&A WITH #CMISUPPORTED TAIGENZ VIA CMI”

Interview: Hockey Dad on what it’s like releasing an album during Quarantine.

The year I first saw Hockey Dad’s, Zach Stephenson, wail into a microphone with closed-eyes and a guitar across his torso, is lost on me, but it’s been an experience I’ve grown used to. Despite their Australian origin, Hockey Dad’s, Billy Fleming (drums) and Stephenson (vocals and guitar) steady stream of tours made them aContinue reading “Interview: Hockey Dad on what it’s like releasing an album during Quarantine.”

[Top Five] Releases to get you through quarantine

Declan McKenna – “The Key to Life on Earth.” Everything McKenna writes is a beautifully dark take on society. It’s even more daunting and appealing coming from someone so young. The 21-year-old released an eerie video for the second single off of his upcoming album Zeros. July Talk – “Governess Shadow” The beloved Toronto-based JulyContinue reading “[Top Five] Releases to get you through quarantine”

[You Need to Hear] Dream Wife “Sports”

Dream Wife is back with a vengeance. The UK-based trio set forth a new single, Sports. The track is full of the same thriving-fuck-you energy that makes them ones to watch. Accompanied by a retro neon video game themed video, Sports is exactly what we needed to get revved for their next album, So WhenContinue reading “[You Need to Hear] Dream Wife “Sports””