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Q & A | Avec Sans’ Alice Fox Shares Instagram Secrets

It’s a common thought among any social media savvy person: How do I make my Instagram awesome? and it’s a lot harder than it looks. avec sans

Imagine how hard it must be for a band. Bands today have to stand out while, being themselves. To set themselves apart from the crowd they need to offer fans something new and fresh alongside their music.  London’s electro pop duo, Alice Fox and Jack St James otherwise known as  Avec Sans  do just that with their unique presence and style. They’ve mastered not only their music, but how to incorporate themselves and their style into what fans see and hear.Take a look at their Instagram account and their thousands of followers. They have one of the most artistic and well thought-out band pages. But how exactly? Alice Fox explains some of the secrets behind the page in our Q&A.


Q: How much planning goes into your photos? 

A: We try as much as possible to post what’s going on at that time, so we tend not to plan too much.

We watched the Kurt Cobain ‘Montage of Heck’ biopic the other night, so I posted a photo of him and his daughter, so the stuff that isn’t about us and what we’re doing, is usually connected to something we’re watching or listening to at the time. Something that’s inspired us or caught our attention.

Q: You guys take a lot of photos on Instagram, why do you feel that the platform is important?

A: We don’t really think about it as a platform, but more of a visual timeline of what’s happening. Music as audio isn’t a visual art form in itself, so it’s nice to see what’s going on visually with music creators. We love seeing what the people who we’re interested in are up to, we’re consumers as much as we are posters.

Avec Sans 2

Q: Both of your outfits are always so catching! Where does your style come from?
A: We think it’s important to look striking and that your style matches your music, so I guess how we dress is what we feel works with the electronic music we make.

Q: How does your profile help you connect to fans?
A: It’s really nice to be able to follow back the people who regularly interact with us, Instagram becomes a two way street, we get to know way more about the people who like our music than on Facebook. as we see what they’re up to too, which is really nice.

Q: Do your photos spend a lot of time in the editing process?
A: The photoshoot images that accompany our singles are usually more thought out and worked on than our Instagram photos, which we usually just run through VSCO cam and then without a filter on Instagram.

Avec Sans

Q: How do you think of your ideas for Insta-photoshoots?
A: For a photoshoot, we’ll tend to go to a location, have a bit of a mood board and some ideas to bring to the table. We look through We heart emoticon It and Tumblr and develop visual ideas that we find there. We usually use a proper DSLR for those shots.

Q: What is your favourite photo you’ve taken?
A: There’s one shot we took is back on our timeline, I was wearing an 80s costume as we were playing as part of the set for Back to the Future’s for Secret Cinema. I was backstage and Jack took the photo against some hoarding, it’s just a camera phone shot, but I like the way it came out.

Q: Who is your favourite person in Instagram to follow?

I think my favorite person is actually a small, white, domesticated fox called Rylai.

Avec Sans style doesn’t just stop on Instagram. They’ve managed to set themselves as a staple in the fashion industry, often times their music is played on runways due to the influence that seems to fit in so perfectly to the setting. Check out their style and music infusion in their video Hold On, below.