[Top five] Tracks not to miss

Back with a follow up to their debut single, Johnny, Basement Revolver has released the aftermath of a heartbroken teen trying to cling to the remains of a fantasy with Johnny pt. 2. After years of silence from the Toronto band, Alvvays have come back on the scene with In Undertow, as well as an album announcement. AlwaysContinue reading “[Top five] Tracks not to miss”

[CMW] 17 Unmissable bands You’ve probably never heard of

Weaves  The Dead Love Sumo Cyco Basement Revolver Walrus   Surf Dads The Dandy Warhols She Devils Julia Jacklin Partner Belle Game   The Beaches  AVEC SANS Duchess Says Goodbye Honolulu Groenland Dune Rats Teenager

CMW Preview: Meet the hidden gems

Next month bands  from all over the world will invade the city for four nights of nonstop music. We know the big names are some must see shows, but don’t let the smaller font fool you. There are some hidden gems you should not overlook. Here are a few of the smaller name you shouldn’tContinue reading “CMW Preview: Meet the hidden gems”

[Top five] Albums not to forget in 2017

2017 is sure to bring some exciting and much anticipated albums forth. Along the way we need to recall some of the greats that last year  gave us. This week’s top five is dedicated to those we fell in love with last year. You could say they’re following in the footsteps on bands like Fidlar,Continue reading “[Top five] Albums not to forget in 2017”

[Top Five] amazing bands you don’t know about

Heard the name Ida Maria? No? Thought so. Just because a band or artist makes it big does not mean they’re music is the greatest thing in the world. In the land of marketing and luck many bands that are known are just, meh. With so many choices out there, it’s easy to overlook someContinue reading “[Top Five] amazing bands you don’t know about”

This Week’s: 5 Tracks you need to hear

Hump day brings out the happiness and sadness in all of us. It’s a reminder that the weekend is almost here, but not quite. Here are this week’s top five tracks to insert a little more happiness into your world. From Australia, to right here in Toronto these are songs by up and coming artistsContinue reading “This Week’s: 5 Tracks you need to hear”

Spotlight: Basement Revolver “Johnny”

The song is something you’d expect to hear inside the mind of a freshly broken person. With their life falling downward, a contrast of happiness heard in the guitar, turns the song into a reminder of the temporary state. It’s a lush experience as Chrisy Hurn introduces herself though a sweetly tragic strum of guitar. AnContinue reading “Spotlight: Basement Revolver “Johnny””