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CMW |The Dead Love @ The Aussie BBQ

The Dead Love-8
May 7th 2016 | The Dead Love @ The Aussie BBQ 

Almost at the end of Music Week The Aussie BBQ took over The Horseshoe Tavern, for a showcase literally making people jump off of the walls. The Aussie BBQ, a showcase featuring some of Australia’s best talents, had an afternoon full of loud, hair flipping, amazing bands with a sound so great it bled out onto Queen West. The show stopper of the showcase had to be The Dead Love. A three piece rock band rowdy, loud and full of enough grit to leave the audience breathless and screaming for just one more song.

The Dead Love-3
The Dead Love


The Dead Love-2The Dead Love-7The Dead Love-6The Dead Love-5The Dead Love-1



CMW | Reviewed: Experiencing Mothers


A selfish moment when the few scattered around make the evening all the more exciting. It makes capturing the magic Mothers produce so easily a bittersweet treat. More should be there to embrace the talents in the medium venues before those moments become rare.

Mothers is on stage, blue lights wash over Adelaide Hall and the oddly cool venue is taken by a powerful storm of droning guitar and the hypnotic voice of Kristine Leschper.

For anyone at the show, the scarce crowd and open space allows the ability to relax. Yet, the secret of seeing an amazing band nearly to yourself adds a personal tone to the night.


Photographers weave throughout the bodies easily taking advantage of the many angles rarely given to them in concert photography. Media watches from the back. Every now and again a phone points at the stage and a photo snaps or a video records.

The band plays, all with closed eyes, ignoring the media, and focusing on the moment. They open their eyes every now and again but they’ve lost themselves in the emotional indie-rock. The powerful trance began at the first note. The four-piece from Georgia has everyone in the room, including the bartender in the back, right there with them. They grab a hold of your mental state and take you through a world of sadness, distrust, happiness and love with songs off of their album, When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired. They hold your hand on the way through, the lights grow dimmer and Leschper turns her back to the crowd.

Their most interesting song It Hurts Until It Doesn’t begins and the rise of the power Mothers has over the room can be seen in the crowd. People sway, people’s eyes grow teary as the beat speeds and a tension in the room grows to a climactic end.

If there was ever a band to experience, let it be Mothers.


CMW | Mosh Pits and Bleached Hair: Front Row at SWMRS


Confetti from New Swears’ set clings to the bottom of my well-worn boots. My hair is now up in a ponytail and, like most others in the crowd, full of silly string and more confetti. Though mine has that has been knocked from where it originally hung on the back of my head from someone’s foot earlier in the evening. Curses, Stuck on Planet Earth, New Swears and JPNSGRLS have all come, played, and riled up the crowd in unique ways.

Now, SWMRS take the stage sound checking. Fans scream their names, because even though Adelaide Hall isn’t full, you couldn’t find a venue more full of energy. The band responds with smiles and offer up high fives.


The sides of the venue are scarcely filled. Die-hard fans have waited for hours to be front row for the rowdy up and comers. The chance to see such an amazing band without “sold out” after their name doesn’t seem to be in the future, making the show all the more exciting.

Greeting the crowd with boyish smirks, they look far from old enough to be in the venue, making them all the more endearing. The Californians, Cole Becker, Max Becker, Joseph Armstrong, and Sebastian Mueller are essentially grown up Dennis the Menaces’ knowing that they’re about to cause some trouble. Someone screams from behind. No words, just a loud yell of excitement.

Kendrick Lamar blasts throughout the venue as their instruments are almost set up. Becker wanders the stage dancing along to the beat. Catching the attention of two girls center stage he shares a few moves.The crowd waits, feeding off of one another’s excitement. Then it happens.

Becker takes his place at the mic, “We’re go to go?” He says.


Hannah begins and it’s like that feeling of your mother holding your hand on the first day of school rushing around your stomach. Something new, exciting, and unfamiliar is about to happen. Yet, if you’ve listened to them before you’re instantly comforted by the familiarity of their songs. The guitar strums as they tease the crowd on the brink of going wild. The shortened version of the song ends and instantly the crowd rushes forward at the next. Stage divers rush towards the front to take their momentarily spot on stage. The mosh pit is already engulfing any inch of free space.

The set goes on as the brothers take turns sharing the mic. They scream at the right moments and from under bleached hair they create the perfect storm that is SWMRS.


Max Frost @ The Drake Underground

Night one: Max Frost @ The Drake Underground

Max Frost5.jpg

At the Drake Underground, a circle crafted by instruments waits as Max Frost takes his place in the center. Glancing at drumsticks hanging near the stage front, he takes them placing a beat with the drums to his right. With closed eyes he creates a pattern that already has the crowd bopping their heads. Looping the beat it so it plays after he’s grabbed a guitar, he’s already moved on to another instrument at his fingertips.

As the sound is created, energy raises and at the right moment he takes his place at the microphone, nearly missing the queue, but catching it just in time with an unfazed calm lingering on his features. His eyes open and he scans the crowd with far away eyes before closing them once more. From Texas the songwriter/producer looks oddly in out of place in the spotlight. It’s almost as if we’ve caught him in a personal moment as he plays.

The room, it’s full but not uncomfortable. People dance as the mixture of R&B melds into alternative rock; mega fans stare up at him with adoration in their eyes. Unknown to me, I watch with fascination as one person can hold the attention of an entire room to the point silence yet, in the same moment, fill it with liveliness.

“He’s so good.” A girl yells behind, her friend nods and they both take sips from the drinks they hold close to their chins.

Part of the media pool at the front of the stage, the sways of bodies are felt, and the heat from the stage makes itself known as we follow his every movement through our camera lens. The shutters are drown out by the talent on stage and the energy circling. The night goes on like this until Frost ends the show.