[CMW] 17 Unmissable bands You’ve probably never heard of

Weaves  The Dead Love Sumo Cyco Basement Revolver Walrus   Surf Dads The Dandy Warhols She Devils Julia Jacklin Partner Belle Game   The Beaches  AVEC SANS Duchess Says Goodbye Honolulu Groenland Dune Rats Teenager

CMW |The Dead Love @ The Aussie BBQ

Almost at the end of Music Week The Aussie BBQ took over The Horseshoe Tavern, for a showcase literally making people jump off of the walls. The Aussie BBQ, a showcase featuring some of Australia’s best talents, had an afternoon full of loud, hair flipping, amazing bands with a sound so great it bled outContinue reading “CMW |The Dead Love @ The Aussie BBQ”

CMW | Reviewed: Experiencing Mothers

A selfish moment when the few scattered around make the evening all the more exciting. It makes capturing the magic Mothers produce so easily a bittersweet treat. More should be there to embrace the talents in the medium venues before those moments become rare. Mothers is on stage, blue lights wash over Adelaide Hall andContinue reading “CMW | Reviewed: Experiencing Mothers”

CMW | Mosh Pits and Bleached Hair: Front Row at SWMRS

Confetti from New Swears’ set clings to the bottom of my well-worn boots. My hair is now up in a ponytail and, like most others in the crowd, full of silly string and more confetti. Though mine has that has been knocked from where it originally hung on the back of my head from someone’sContinue reading “CMW | Mosh Pits and Bleached Hair: Front Row at SWMRS”