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Kids take over the Danforth: Front row @ Cold War Kids and Middle Kids

Cold War Kids_-3
March 22nd 2017 – Cold War Kids @ The Danforth with Middle Kids


Middle Kids_-5

The old pros will take the stage in an hour. Until then the fresh-faced Middle Kids from Sydney take the stage. They begin with sweet hymns that bring the room to a silent amazement. Who are they and why haven’t we heard of them? If you don’t know Middle Kids, you will soon enough. Their sound is a perfect completion of a soft but powerful voice accompanied by a energy that builds through guitar, and trashing drums all combining to create an EP to lose yourself in.

Cold War Kids_-2

They came, they played the hits and everyone sang along. Cold War Kids were everything to be expected. Blacked out by red and purple lights and beneath a thick fog, the dark ambiance hid the band from the crowd. Playing with their toes at the stages edge, their energy seemed to amplify on stage but didn’t make it past the photo pit to translate to the crowd.