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Meanwood, Dirty Frigs and Artshow @ The Garrison


One night, breathtaking music and a damn good cause. It was the line-up of a lifetime. Meanwood, Dirty Frigs, and Vallens were a few of the All-Star names that played Friday night as a part of the Syrian Refugee Support Show. Taking place at The Garrison, the event held some of Toronto’s best performers on the same stage. Raising over 3000 dollars for¬†Lifeline Syria, the event was a great success and the night was filled with memorable shows.

Here’s a little taste of the action.





Dirty Frigs2

Dirty Frigs

Petra Gylnt, Salt, also played and the night ended with a DJ set by Doomsquad.


The Year’s Best Guitar Faces

Monster Truck - face

Everyone is releasing their end of year lists, so here’s one of mine. The best guitar faces of the year. What is a guitar face? Let me explain, you know that moment when the band is on stage, the crowd is overexcited and that song comes on and everyone just feels it? The togetherness, the bond, well if you spend all of your time watching the lead singer going to town you’re missing the real show. The guitarist the one to watch, the faces that appear are innocently ¬†purely of someone in the moment, enjoying what they do and not caring about anything else. It’s that magical moment, and no one guitar face is quite like the other. So, enjoy the ones I’ve experienced thus far.

Toronto’s Best Undergound

Dirty Frigs 1

There something about a sticky floor, over-stuffed venue and a lack of air circulation that makes a show more thrilling. The blackened stage lacks fancy lighting,decor or anything personal about the band playing. Their name may not be known to anyone not inside the venue, but that’s not what matters. Tonight, they’re owning the stage and without the gimmicks, they make the audience dance, sweat, and gasp for breath. They play covered in sweat, losing themselves in the moment, and hoping to take as many as they can with them. Welcome to the Toronto Underground. Discover 416 is a series of shows throughout the city that showcases the best Underground music around.  The latest show took place at The Garrison and showcased some must see bands and best new discoveries.

Dirty Frigs: You can’t live in the underground without knowing their name. From Toronto, the band is sin dipped in darkness.Their music is hypnotizing on it’s own, though, watching them live is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Known for their dark aura, gritty rock & roll and show stopping performances, Dirty Frigs are on the slow climb up.


Jaunt – Formed by a few members you may recognize from other projects in the city, Jaunt is a mellow sound of different genres and elements that shouldn’t go together, yet fit quite well.


Little Junior – A throwback to one of the first bands I’ve ever shot, Little Junior is quite an act to see. With a purple-hair lead, and whole lot of screaming, they’re a punk-pop band comparable to the greats like Fidlar. They don’t galavant on stage trying to be that hardcore band, instead they take you into one of their jam sessions where you can’t help but fall in love with them along with their sound.


Walrus– The hidden gem of the evening that demanded attention. Beginning their set like any true rock stars, by setting down beers and taking their places in front of the dwindling crowd. Standing on stage, the randomness of them was enticing enough to draw the crowd forward. Walrus, takes a step back in time to play psychedelic rock  with a maturity and perfection you wouldn’t quite expect from them. 


Shy Kids – A phenomenal dynamic between the two leads. They don’t fit into any category or genre. They make music with a meaning behind it, they don’t just play. They’re a band that truly connects with their music through and through.

All different, all up and coming, all can’t miss musicians that can turn the smallest shows into the most memorable.

* Photos by the lovely, Shahnoor Ijaz*