Meanwood, Dirty Frigs and Artshow @ The Garrison

One night, breathtaking music and a damn good cause. It was the line-up of a lifetime. Meanwood, Dirty Frigs, and Vallens were a few of the All-Star names that played Friday night as a part of the Syrian Refugee Support Show. Taking place at The Garrison, the event held some of Toronto’s best performers onContinue reading “Meanwood, Dirty Frigs and Artshow @ The Garrison”

The Year’s Best Guitar Faces

Everyone is releasing their end of year lists, so here’s one of mine. The best guitar faces of the year. Don’t know what a guitar face is? Well check out the photos to get the full experience.

Toronto’s Best Undergound

There something about a sticky floor, over-stuffed venue and a lack of air circulation that makes a show more thrilling. The blackened stage lacks fancy lighting,decor or anything personal about the band playing. Their name may not be known to anyone not inside the venue, but that’s not what matters. Tonight, they’re owning the stageContinue reading “Toronto’s Best Undergound”