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Of Monsters and Men & Florence + The Machine @ Osheaga

of Monsters and Men @ osheaga

The show stoppers did the impossible by capturing crowds attention enough to bring them nearly to silence as they began. That was until the course came around and everyone in sight decided to project their best singing voices back at the band. And after all their success, still seemed humbled to have a festival full of fans singing back at them. Sounding, perhaps, better than they do recorded, they did not disappoint. They played what everyone wanted to hear and put on a show. All dressed in black, their sound transcended in the minimalistic approach to their set. Replying on lighting for theatrics, their set was run perfectly, sung beautifully and played to perfection.

of monsters and men @ Osheaga 2“Thank you for being here, this is really cool,” Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir greeted fans. Their music seemed fitted for nature and even better into the hippy-for-the-weekend-laced field. The one drawback was for the band, which was getting attacked by moths.

“There are so many moths here, they’re in my guitar,” Hilmarsdóttir said pausing between songs to shake out the pests.

“We are going to dedicate this next song to the moths, ” Ragnar Þórhallsson said.

Florence & The Machine 4

ln an eye-catching outfit, sans shoes, a bra or coverage, Florence + the Machine graced the mainstage by floating, twirling and showing her love for the audience. Her many gazes of aw, displayed a euphoric demeanour for fans. She truly made the audience know that they were appreciated by running off the stage mid-performance to hand out hugs, high-fives and to grab a fans headband and wear it as she finished the song. The woman is stunning in more ways than one. As she pranced, she never missed a beat or ran out of breath. Her energy never died and her performance won’t soon be forgotten.