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[Top Five] amazing bands you don’t know about


Heard the name Ida Maria? No? Thought so. Just because a band or artist makes it big does not mean they’re music is the greatest thing in the world. In the land of marketing and luck many bands that are known are just, meh. With so many choices out there, it’s easy to overlook some great ones. If you don’t have endless time to listen to music all day (like I do)…or have a social life that doesn’t revolve around seeing bands (unlike me) than you may be missing out on what the world has to offer. So many great acts don’t achieve the success that they truly deserve. So here is a little glimpse at some musician that aren’t known to many, but are the world to me.

Violent Soho


 These Australian rockers have been around a while and for good reason. Violent Soho are a riot in each album. The band is a rowdy mess of perfectly droning yelling, high energy that makes you want to throw down (no matter how sweet and docile you are).

Band of Skulls


Catchy hooks and a throttle of energy, Band of Skulls are beginning to gain more recognition. Their latest release is more of a pop take on their folky rock sound. I commend them for the change, they switched up their sound without losing themselves in the process. They still get you with the hooks, like them or not, once their chores come around you’ll be singing along with them.

Ida Maria


Ida Maria is one of the most unknown musical genius’ to walk the earth. The Norwegian rock star has two albums each variously different with EP’s freckled throughout her career. Quick, witty and always pushing the envelope by challenging stereotypes. She couldn’t make a bad song even if she tried.

Gin Wigmore


Three albums and great success overseas, Wigmore is rarely known in Canada. *Gasp* With such shame! With a name like Gin, you can expect she’s a smoky voice, tattooed siren. Her style is constantly changing. Somewhere between rock, blues, and sometimes a little country influence just because she can. Her poorest songs, are still nothing short of amazing and with such a unique voice she’s difficult to get out of your mind.


Basement Revolver


Hamilton’s newest baby band that is popping up EVERYWHERE, Basement Revolver, is by far the band to watch. With the release of their first EP in July and their epic song Johnny you’ll quickly become obsessed with everything they get their hands on.