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Live: Last Night with Hot Panda

Last night Vancouver-bound Hot Panda stopped by The Horseshoe Tavern for an intimate little set. But of course, it’s never as simple as they came and they played. Chris Connelly took the stage looking a little more relaxed than normal, though the set was anything but. They didn’t waste a moment getting into their energetic, twisted, world where Connelly is a possessed king taunted by Aaron Klassen (Drums) and encouraged by Catherine Hiltz (Bass). Their newest track, Other Spooky is, began the set and instantly had the crowd dancing and screaming for more. Though nothing is more enthralling than when Hiltz picks up that trumpet kept to the side of the stage. Plucking her bass like a boss and playing the trumpet at the same time, it’s always mind blowing. I’ve seen them before, and it’s almost better when you know it’s coming.

If you haven’t see  Hot Panda live, well then, I just don’t know what to tell you. You can’t quite love this band without experiencing them live, they are a band like no other. Here are a few photos to give you a tiny taste of the band so difficult to put into words.

New Music: Its Happened and it’s amazing! *New* Hot Panda

Hot Panda

Just released: Vancouver’s Hot Panda’s just made something special. Their newest single, Other Spooky is, is the first thing to be released from the band since their well known album, Go Outside (2012), three long years ago. Have you heard the single? It’s fast, hard, dark and it has Chris Connelly gasping for breath before it even begins. Other Spooky is, is a glance into the newest album, which is sure to be a bundle of mind blowing energy. What’s great about this single is that this may be the first recorded piece that is fully able to capture the gratifyingly twisted essence of Hot Panda on stage. They’ve always done a great job bringing themselves into recordings, but so far, nothing has been able to replicate the experience of a show quite like this.

It’s so thoroughly satisfying it’s almost cruel to have released a track this good, BUT, don’t think that the band is leaving you to suffer. There is a tour on the way starting next week. Beginning in their stomping ground and ending in the UK, Hot Panda has some big plans to tease fans before their album drops.

Listen here via Exclaim!

To hear more about the upcoming album check out an interview with frontman Chris Connelly, here.

Tour dates:

09/13 Vancouver, BC – Queen Elizabeth Park
09/15 Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe
09/16 Hamilton, ON – The Casbah
09/17 Montreal, QC – Club Lambi (Pop Montreal)
09/20 Ottawa, ON – Raw Sugar
09/25 Hamburg, Germany – Kukuun Club (Reeperbahn Festival)
09/29 London, UK – The Windmill Brixton
10/01 London, UK – Bedroom Bar