Live: Last Night with Hot Panda

Last night Vancouver-bound Hot Panda stopped by The Horseshoe Tavern for an intimate little set. But of course, it’s never as simple as they came and they played. Chris Connelly took the stage looking a little more relaxed than normal, though the set was anything but. They didn’t waste a moment getting into their energetic,Continue reading “Live: Last Night with Hot Panda”

New Music: Its Happened and it’s amazing! *New* Hot Panda

Just released: Vancouver’s Hot Panda’s just made something special. Their newest single, Other Spooky is, is the first thing to be released from the band since their well known album, Go Outside (2012), three long years ago. Have you heard the single? It’s fast, hard, dark and it has Chris Connelly gasping for breath before it even begins. Other Spooky is, isContinue reading “New Music: Its Happened and it’s amazing! *New* Hot Panda”