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Front row pass: Declan McKenna in Ireland

Declan McKenna_-58.jpg
May 19th, 2017 – Declan McKenna plays a sold out Academy in Dublin, Ireland.

Which of these thing will you find at a Declan McKenna concert: crying, screaming, girls nearly passing out and a stage full of glitter? Trick question. These are all unavoidable. The 18 year-old singer-songwriter is a talent driving people overseas into hyperventilating messes.  It’s only a matter of time before North American catches on to what an addiction his meaningful and wise songwriting and sweetly honest voice are.

Don’t let his slightly serious tone fool you. In concert, McKenna is a dancing partying mess you’re addicted to from the moment he walks on stage with glitter smeared on his cheeks and eyeliner flawlessly drawn.

Declan McKenna_-24

Mostly girls, waited impatiently as McKenna, stayed at the stages side as his band placed themselves behind their instruments. A rare sight as the mostly female band, in the same makeup as the singer, began playing. Breaking down stereotypes and giving girls a place in a rock band is a lovely sight we need to see more of.

Walking on stage to a deafening roar, the sold out show began with a bang. Literally. Glittery confetti rained down on the crowd, gasping and crying only a few seconds in. Matters intensified quickly as McKenna, jumped from the stage clawing at the crowd almost as intensely as they did to him. To be in his presence is to see a next star before the burst to fame.

Earlier on, Jealous of the Birds opened the show. The four piece ranged between indie and alternative, with some oddly placed folk elements. They’re saving grace was the few songs that picked a genre with a heavier rock sound, rather than the softer indie/folk that consumed most of their set.

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