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February 1st, 2023 | EDEN headlines History in Toronto.

The ICYMI tour hit Toronto in the dead of winter, but that didn’t stop fans from waiting outside all day for a front-row view. EDEN, amassed of crowd of enthralled fans who waited patiently despite the slight confusion at the shows intro. Cheers enveloped the room as a words flickered across the screen running through a conversation that then faded to black. The crowd’s cheering intensified as they expected the singer to emerge from the way side, where he stood holding his helmet,  but instead was greeted with another screen, this time featuring Totoro from the 1988 fantasy film My Neighbour Totoro, before EDEN burst onto stage space helmet in hand. With the stage still entrenched in black, the screen lit up one final time, this time with the audience viewing themselves lost in excitement. Blue lasers flashed across the stage while the singer wandered about, helmet still in hand. It wasn’t until song three where the lights went up and the singer found their grove, rightfully stepping into spotlight to finish the night. 

STARCRAWLER @ The Garrison

Starcrawler -6
February 19th, 2017 – Starcrawler plays The Garrison in Toronto

Starcrawler is a baby band with an old soul. Emerging past electronic synths during the band’s formation, their music is a tribute to everything gritty about rock ‘n roll. They thrive in iconic styles fail to make it on stage in today’s market, which is slightly ironic considering their hardly out of high school.  Front woman, Arrow de Wilde, embodies a possessed rock demon while dressed in blood stained clothes. She shares the mic with the eccentrically energetic guitarist Henri Cash. The two create an onstage spectacle which is a performance on it’s own. The rest of the band lays low while the singers belt out rock beyond the years of these kids in the oddest way. Be sure to give them a listen and don’t miss them if they’re in town.

Starcrawler -18