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Backstage access: Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival

Mother Mother (1 of 1)
Mother Mother – before their set closing out night two of the festival.

Ever wonder what goes on before the bands take the stage? Get a sneak peak with the bands of ODBF. Playing frisbee, lounging on the grass or inside trailers, most bands liked a little R&R before their sets. Here is a quick gallery of what went on behind the scenes this past weekend.


Want more? For galleries of the shows click here.

You Need to Hear: Nap Eyes


They’re a nostalgic throwback to the beginnings of rock. They’re a band to get you through lazy summer days when you can’t be bothered to do quite that much.

Nap eyes is a band on the rise. Their latest album, Thought Rock Fish Scale,  is a poetic introduction to the Nova Scotia band. Nigel Chapman, Seamus Dalton, Josh Salter and Brad Loughead make up the retro group. With a sense of despair, a touch of angst and a connection to reality painted through the eyes of four guys in the 20’s, they add a modern take on a sound that could have seamlessly been taken from the ’70s.

The band will be playing The Garrison tonight, April 7th with Casper Skulls. If you have a free night, don’t miss this show!