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Meet The BadAss Women of Indie Week

250 artist, five nights and over 20 venues…Indie Week is coming. Taking place October 13th to 18th Toronto Indie Week will be taking over the city. The Horseshoe, Bovine and Lee’s Palace will be just a few of the spots welcoming international artists with a whole lot to show. INDIE WEEK 2

From shows focusing on special showcases, like the acts of The Edge’s Next Big Thing contest, a showcase of talent from over seas and a special line-up of artists from Alberta, the event has more than a few great major line-ups. This year is shaping up to produce some amazing acts, and specifically, some amazing female artists that are known for blowing up stages. Take a gander of the talent to come.

Lilly Wolf

All the way from New York, Lilly Wolf is a style of her own; she’ll make you look twice and that’s just the beginning. Mixing electornic-pop with a darkness found embedded into her lyrics she kills it with song after song with danceable beats, lush tones and new sounds layered with trilling piano. The piano adds almost a signature to each track, making the sounds so completely hers. There is a raw power seen in her photos that translates directly into her music. Each song is dominated with an undertone that is memorable, proving  Lilly Wolf is a powerful force on the rise.


“My music will be called Rosk, for Rosk is my music and nothing more.”

It is pretty badass though.

From Mexico city the raw sexual mastermind, known as Rosk, can be placed in the categories of freak folk, rock, and pop. Rosk is an indie rock project that has a raw sound that instantly commands your attention. With one EP down, the band takes you on a journey through the moods and emotions that are out of the ordinary. The EP called, Rosk 1, begins with a hard rock number full of screaming, trashing guitar and a penetrating heavy bass line  I Wanna Do it and ends with the sweetly mellow and awkwardly perfect, Times Square.

Olivia and The Creepycrawlies

 A little closer to home, Olivia and the Creepycrawlies is a dazzling and darling Canadian band that you’ve probably seen a time or two on the music scene. Don’t let their name give you the wrong idea, from London Ont. Olivia and the creepycrawlies is full of ukuleles, a saccharine voiced lead and sweet melodies.What more could one ask for?

Their quirky style and songs written so well they’ll have you dancing or flipping through fond memories, truly make them a show to see. Catch them at The Bovine Sex Club on October 16th.

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales  

With a song titles like Blue Balls and a sound just as exciting, conflicting and exhilarating. Ginger Ale & The Monowhales is a band that makes you want to dance like no ones looking, in your brightest clothing with a spotlight on you. Lose yourself in their fast-paced fun indie rock that’ll make you flush with happiness. These crazy kids will have you ,at the very least, smiling as they tame the room into a full on dance party of their very own. Playing The Horseshoe Tavern on Oct. 16th for their video release party, you can be sure, the glittery stage and dark room will be filled with light, fun and an epic performance.

Nadia Kazmi

Bluesy, moody, and oh so soft at times. Nadia Kazmi, takes on every element, every sound and dominates it until it’s her own. Her latest 7-track EP, Lamb, plays in every genre and mixes her powerful voice with everything from  gritty guitars to delicate country undertones to the haunting piano as she confesses. This is artist who can take anything into her own and stamp all over it until it’s bleeding her name. Riddled in dark lyrics and a serious theme, there is always something interesting to listen to, be it from her confession of killing her brother from her first album or the pleading of killing the monster from Lamb. Her show at Cherry Cola’s on October 14th is a must see.


A stunning solo artist that will have you gaping for breath. Using a sound from the past to sound like something unheard, synth layered with dreamy guitars and catching hooks compile the vast well-rounded sound that is Roboteyes. Singer-songwriter, Kate LeDeuce creates a persona from the ’80s who’s time-traveled to the days of now. Mixing the mindset of ’80s pop with the sounds of now, LeDeuce has filled two EP’s with a genre-bending sounds that touch in variously influenced directions, yet, instead of feeling chaotic, somehow, feels perfectly intact.