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Inside TURF Club Series: SATE and Les Hôtesses D’Hilaire

If you’ve never seen SATE perform before, prepare because it isn’t gentle. From her black lipstick to her sensual smirk, she is a wild one. She doesn’t give you a warning, signal or any mercy. She does you hard, right on the stage for all to see. Once she begins, she unleashes herself and you can’t help feel a little dirty because it takes about 2 seconds before you’re trashing along with her wanting more. Last night at the Horseshoe, she had everyone panting, dancing and losing themselves in her. During the performance she ripped the crowd raw with her powerful voice paired with a  blues-rock sound. Though blues-rock doesn’t begin to describe the enthralling experience of SATE, it’s something more raw and exclusive and so good it’s indescribable.  Performing Sunday, the rock-queen is sure to bring down the stage at TURF.

Now, with an act as breath-taking as SATE, who could have possibly been as eye-catching enough to open. Well, they came from someplace where a see-through cheetah dress is called “dressing up” for the occasion.

DSC_0057 copy

“Put your phone on the table, and jump on the table,”  lead, Serge Brideau said. Then the music began and head-banging possessed him. Taking the glittering glory, otherwise known as ‘the stage at The Horseshoe’, sweaty, French, and full of sass was Les Hostress D’Hilaire. If you don’t know them, don’t worry. They’ll get you excited. Vamping up the crowd with their angry French rock, the band made themselves memorable to say the least. The crowd couldn’t understand what they were saying while they played but  Brideau made sure to speak enough English to crack a few jokes between sets. Even offering up a small side of political humour.

“If you don’t buy our CD that’s okay, but that means you’re probably from Alberta.” Brideau said.”…I mean if you don’t buy it it means you love Harper.”