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Local Spotlight: Sedge


The opening band takes the stage, the crowd mingles, half paying attention as the band gathers their instruments and begins playing to the filling room. The crowd is lingering at the back and more interested in finding coat check or getting in line at the bar before the line is too long. Often times, the band gives it their best shot and is overlooked until their name is the one in the headliner spot instead of classified under “special guest”. But every now and again you see a band like Sedge, that opens the show and draws the attention of everyone in the room. While they play their rowdy rock and make you wonder exactly who they are and where they’ve been hiding. It takes talent to silence to room and fill
Releasing their latest EP, Selective Reasoning, last August the band made an impressive follow up to their previous releases. Drenched in grunge the band has a solid sound and performs a high energy set. Surely, Sedge is a band name you’ll see popping up on more bills with good reason.

Check out some photos of their show last Saturday night at The Garrison and be sure to check out some of their music here.