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[Top 5] Shows you CAN’T miss this week

The year is almost done and it’s provided some stellar acts. It can be hard to keep up who to see and who’s coming with this much action going on. This week in particular Toronto will be home to some AMAZING acts.

BAIO – Nov 27th

Starting off the week with a bit of fun BAIO is playing The Garrison. Departing from Vampire Weekend, the bassist takes a step into the spotlight with his version of EDM that melts indie rock into electro. He plays The Garrison at 8 P.M.

Dec 2nd – Wolf Alice

Always a step outside the boundaries of a genre, Wolf Alice is a band to never miss. Their debut album brought fourth the UK rockers in a blaze of perfected rock, while their latest release, Visions of a Life, solidified their talent as more than a one time wonder. If you’ve never seen them live, you need to get your tickets for their Danforth show while you still can.

Cold Specks – Nov 30th

A stunning voice with a powerful presence, Cold Specks is a ray of light on any stage. This week she’ll be gracing the MOD Club with her personally enthralling voice. Her latest album is raw, honest and stunning and she is an act to see.

SWMRS – Dec 2nd

These guys have turned their past venues into all out moshpits. All ages shows are always a bit of a riot, when SWMRS are the headliner it may be best to bring a helmet. This time SWMRS will be taking over The Opera House with their perfectly awkward Californian rock.


Gary Numan – Dec 1st.

An oddity with a sound out of the ’80s, Numan will be bringing his outlandish charm to The Opera House. His albums are all indulged in his quirks but his persona is best to be experienced live.


[Top five] Albums not to forget in 2017

2017 is sure to bring some exciting and much anticipated albums forth. Along the way we need to recall some of the greats that last year  gave us. This week’s top five is dedicated to those we fell in love with last year.

SWMRS (27 of 50)
SWMRS – Drive North 

You could say they’re following in the footsteps on bands like Fidlar, but it would be unfair. SWMRS are paving their way one rowdy show at a time. Beneath the thrashing guitar and sweaty shows, Drive North  is an overwhelming note of positivity much needed in 2016.


Basement Revolver

The indie darlings produced one of the most underrated catchy songs of the year. Johnny, the first single off of their debut album, will make you fall in love with the softly sweet voice of Christy Hurn. Each song on the album is a mirage covering the confessions and meanings riddled into each track.

Mothers – When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired

Full of confessions straight from the soul Mothers debut EP is a frighteningly honest look into heartbreak, happiness and sadness. Listen to it with a box of tissues near your side, or if you need a lift. a1362186964_10

Angel Olsen – My Woman

Shut Up Kiss Me was undoubtably one of the best singles to shout along to. It won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, and neither with Olsen. My Women is a slightly different direction showing the growth and triumphs an artist overcome. The album is a wondrous ride no matter what mood.

Casper Skulls – Lips and Skull 

The debut album from the Toronto-based band was six songs full of addicting pulse accelerating rock. Devotion is the most catching track on the album and the title track is a gem of it’s own. The time and effort put into the album is apparent with each perfected track. The polish on the debut is a strong step into the music scene for the band we’ll be seeing a lot more of.



This Week’s Top Five: The Pretty Reckless, July Talk + more


SWMRS - "Hannah"


Hannah might be one of the most addicting songs on their debut album, Drive North. On an album fuelled by punk-rock, Hannah is the slower track on the album with a odd vibe we’re loving.

Muuey Biien - "Bitter Blessings"


From Georgia, Muuy Beiin are a band to know. They’re dark rock is laced with a sinister energy that makes it hard to forget them. Seeing them live is a shock, even if you know them. Their undeniably odd stage presence is a little addicting. Check out their latest track below.

K.i.d. - "Errors"


Back with a new sound, K.I.D. is a name you’ll be seeing a lot more of. After listening to their latest track you’ll understand why.

July Talk "Beck + Call"

giphy (2).gif

Incase you missed it, July Talk released a breathtaking new video for Beck + Call. Featuring Tanya Tagaq, the song is a look at power plays in relationships. The video features a look at the power dynamic expressed through movement.

The Pretty Reckless - "Oh My God"


The first single off of the third-coming album, Who You Selling For, is a hard step away from their debut single Make Me Wanna Die,  back in 2010. Gone is the glam-rock undertone from their start. Instead a metal element as been inserted into their past album and seemingly dominates their latest track.

CMW | Mosh Pits and Bleached Hair: Front Row at SWMRS


Confetti from New Swears’ set clings to the bottom of my well-worn boots. My hair is now up in a ponytail and, like most others in the crowd, full of silly string and more confetti. Though mine has that has been knocked from where it originally hung on the back of my head from someone’s foot earlier in the evening. Curses, Stuck on Planet Earth, New Swears and JPNSGRLS have all come, played, and riled up the crowd in unique ways.

Now, SWMRS take the stage sound checking. Fans scream their names, because even though Adelaide Hall isn’t full, you couldn’t find a venue more full of energy. The band responds with smiles and offer up high fives.


The sides of the venue are scarcely filled. Die-hard fans have waited for hours to be front row for the rowdy up and comers. The chance to see such an amazing band without “sold out” after their name doesn’t seem to be in the future, making the show all the more exciting.

Greeting the crowd with boyish smirks, they look far from old enough to be in the venue, making them all the more endearing. The Californians, Cole Becker, Max Becker, Joseph Armstrong, and Sebastian Mueller are essentially grown up Dennis the Menaces’ knowing that they’re about to cause some trouble. Someone screams from behind. No words, just a loud yell of excitement.

Kendrick Lamar blasts throughout the venue as their instruments are almost set up. Becker wanders the stage dancing along to the beat. Catching the attention of two girls center stage he shares a few moves.The crowd waits, feeding off of one another’s excitement. Then it happens.

Becker takes his place at the mic, “We’re go to go?” He says.


Hannah begins and it’s like that feeling of your mother holding your hand on the first day of school rushing around your stomach. Something new, exciting, and unfamiliar is about to happen. Yet, if you’ve listened to them before you’re instantly comforted by the familiarity of their songs. The guitar strums as they tease the crowd on the brink of going wild. The shortened version of the song ends and instantly the crowd rushes forward at the next. Stage divers rush towards the front to take their momentarily spot on stage. The mosh pit is already engulfing any inch of free space.

The set goes on as the brothers take turns sharing the mic. They scream at the right moments and from under bleached hair they create the perfect storm that is SWMRS.