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You Need to Hear: Nap Eyes


They’re a nostalgic throwback to the beginnings of rock. They’re a band to get you through lazy summer days when you can’t be bothered to do quite that much.

Nap eyes is a band on the rise. Their latest album, Thought Rock Fish Scale,  is a poetic introduction to the Nova Scotia band. Nigel Chapman, Seamus Dalton, Josh Salter and Brad Loughead make up the retro group. With a sense of despair, a touch of angst and a connection to reality painted through the eyes of four guys in the 20’s, they add a modern take on a sound that could have seamlessly been taken from the ’70s.

The band will be playing The Garrison tonight, April 7th with Casper Skulls. If you have a free night, don’t miss this show!

Meanwood, Dirty Frigs and Artshow @ The Garrison


One night, breathtaking music and a damn good cause. It was the line-up of a lifetime. Meanwood, Dirty Frigs, and Vallens were a few of the All-Star names that played Friday night as a part of the Syrian Refugee Support Show. Taking place at The Garrison, the event held some of Toronto’s best performers on the same stage. Raising over 3000 dollars for Lifeline Syria, the event was a great success and the night was filled with memorable shows.

Here’s a little taste of the action.





Dirty Frigs2

Dirty Frigs

Petra Gylnt, Salt, also played and the night ended with a DJ set by Doomsquad.