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Reviewed: Let’s go ‘Shopping’

Photos by Taija Anderson | August 6th 2016 – Little Junior and Guache play The Silver Dollar supporting headlining band Shopping (UK). 

The Silver Dollar is all black, still hot and sweaty despite the modest crowd. The few scattered in the room all stare at the stage that is dressed in blue, green and that overpowering dingy red. Three stick out of the crowd as they watch each opening band with smiles. The different tones of each band don’t deflect their dancing or the vibe until the lights dim one last time before the headliner.DSC_0660Shopping, Rachel Aggs (guitar), Billy Easter (bass) and Andrew Milk (drums) abandon the stage front and take their turn in front of the room.

They strap on their instruments, the crowd gathers, the room fills and chants of “Let’s go Shopping” are called to the trio.

Quick, smart and a perfect melding of punk and politics, Shopping doesn’t disappoint live. Their fast tongue’s and clever lyrics translate as ‘lead’ of the band is passed among each member. Each song bleeds into another as the energy rises, the crowd breaks into dancing, the band laughs to one another on stage. Stopping rarely to take a breath, they gaze at the mesmerized crowd and pleasure of knowing that the audience is fully submerged in their sound.

If you haven’t yet heard the trio from the UK, do yourself a favour and download their latest release, Why Choose.

Check out more photos of the show below!

Little Junior