[Photos] Inside Venus Fest

Not out of the norm there was a show in Toronto. An artistic expression with feminist inspiration was the festival’s goal. Welcoming all into a safe space much needed in the music scene. Venus Fest did just that, by creating a safe, welcoming space dedicated to woman, art, and music. One of the first festivalsContinue reading “[Photos] Inside Venus Fest”

[Top five] Singles by female bands you need to hear

These bands need no introductions. Whether their names are familiar to you or not, you’ll fall in love with these tracks. Soccer Mommy – Allison Wolf Alice – “Heavenward” Weaves – “Walk Away” Bully “Feel the Same” The Regrettes -“Seashore”      

Locals Only: New Weaves – “#53”

Toronto’s own bad ass rockers, Weaves, are back mighty quick with a new release. #53 is the latest enthralling tale from the band. A new single isn’t the only news from the band. A new LP, Wide Open, will be released on October 6th. Mastering the ability to tell stories while layering their quirky charm and hypnoticContinue reading “Locals Only: New Weaves – “#53””

[CMW] 17 Unmissable bands You’ve probably never heard of

Weaves  The Dead Love Sumo Cyco Basement Revolver Walrus   Surf Dads The Dandy Warhols She Devils Julia Jacklin Partner Belle Game   The Beaches  AVEC SANS Duchess Says Goodbye Honolulu Groenland Dune Rats Teenager

[Count down to CMW] The Canadian Gems

Canadian Music Week is nearly here, beginning April 18th-23rd. Talents from around the world will come to fill up every venue in Toronto for a week. But sometimes you don’t have to look to far to see some of the best talent. Canada’s got some amazing bands you might not have heard off (but definitelyContinue reading “[Count down to CMW] The Canadian Gems”