Have you heard: The Coathangers


They started as a joke. A one time only performance at a house party was supposed to be The Coathangers one and only show. Minnie, Crook Kid and Rusty Coathanger all adopted personas for their genius little joke band. After their memorable performance they were asked to play again. Quickly it became obvious these women were no joke.

These feminist members adopt their  outspoken personalities into their music. Fusing danceable drumlines with guitar riffs that will seduce you their sound lands them somewhere between indie and alternative rock from another decade. Their latest EP, Parasite, is a collection of these things described far better than the English language knows how. Somewhere between menacing and seductive Julia Kugel’s (aka Crook Kid Coathanger) voice will make you tingly in special places.

The star of the EP, is Down Down which embraces what the band does differently than most and how they do it best.

You need to hear, The Coathangers.

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