Spotlight: Basement Revolver “Johnny”

The song is something you’d expect to hear inside the mind of a freshly broken person. With their life falling downward, a contrast of happiness heard in the guitar, turns the song into a reminder of the temporary state. It’s a lush experience as Chrisy Hurn introduces herself though a sweetly tragic strum of guitar. AnContinue reading “Spotlight: Basement Revolver “Johnny””

Have You Heard: Bleached “Welcome to The Worms”

Into the real lives of three headstrong women from California. Bleaches, sisters Jennifer (vocals, guitar) and Jessie Clavin (guitar) as well as bassist Micayla Grace. Their sophomore album, Welcome the Worms, is a transparent look into the rowdy life of someone living in California. Finding their way through highs and lows, the album paints aContinue reading “Have You Heard: Bleached “Welcome to The Worms””

The Hypnotic Trace that is She Devils

Step inside a gloriously twisted world.  Saccharine and brightly-dark, She Devils, Audrey Ann & Kyle Jukka, are a band to get lost in. Their self-titled debut EP is a step into a dream. Guided by Ann, you’re shown a fantasy you can’t help but like instantly.  Come, is the most standout single on amid the four. You’reContinue reading “The Hypnotic Trace that is She Devils”

Toronto’s Best Undergound

There something about a sticky floor, over-stuffed venue and a lack of air circulation that makes a show more thrilling. The blackened stage lacks fancy lighting,decor or anything personal about the band playing. Their name may not be known to anyone not inside the venue, but that’s not what matters. Tonight, they’re owning the stageContinue reading “Toronto’s Best Undergound”

Interviewed | Caveboy

Caveboy is a band driven by the past, future and determination. Their music is a raw emotional world that commands attention. The trio have mastered how to merge real life experiences into their indie dream-pop. In every song you hear each struggle and triumph it took to get their elevating sound. Formally known as DiamondContinue reading “Interviewed | Caveboy”

The Newest Jittery, Fast-Pace Amazing Discovery: Shopping

How much fun do you think you can experience in about two and a half minutes? What about frustration, anguish or social resistance riddled in punk sound perfected in such a way you’ll think the album came straight from a post ’80s era…all in just over two minutes? With the upcoming release of, Why Choose, by theContinue reading “The Newest Jittery, Fast-Pace Amazing Discovery: Shopping”