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“Masturbation and The Appeal of Side Boob” This is What Happens When You Ask Albert Hammond Jr Questions Using His Own Song Titles

As his wife tried to connect to the wifi, Albert Hammond Jr sat on a beaten couch, eating ginger and drinking tea before his show at The Opera House in Toronto, and let me bother him for a few minutes.

“Shoot,” He said with a friendly smile. Moments in things took an interesting turn as we covered everything from masturbation, finding past selves and even a Spinal Tap quote.

…wait wait…what? A gentleman like this? How did this come about you may ask, well, the questions were kind of a joint effort, unknowingly on his part. Using song titles from his latest solo-release, Momentary Masters, I asked questions using all ten of the titles.  The result was pretty hilarious. Get ready for some fun reads!

What is being Born Slippy ?

Albert: I guess it means an idea constantly in motion. It’s the adventurous side of life that can be seen as disastrous. It’s like you’re always and forever in motion. You can never hold on to anything too tightly, because…you’re born slippy.

Tell me about a moment you’ve been so incredibly Power Hungry.

Albert: The closest I’ve ever been to power hungry would be ambitious. To me power hungry comes across as greedy. I don’t want to call myself that just because I feel that.

When have you ever been caught in someone’s shadow or caught in your shadow? (Caught By My Shadow)

Albert: I can do both! Caught in my shadow is constantly. It’s kind of in reference to an idea that a shadow exists and you exist in the same time. As light shines on you, you coexist and you can’t throw away your bad side and just be good. They’re always there together. Caught in someone else’s shadow, we’ve all felt it. When you let someone else’s things influence you, someone else’s shadow overpowers you.

Has there ever been a moment when you feel like someone is Coming to Getcha?

Albert: In the song it sounds a lot more intense. I never get into fights. It’s just the idea of something, I guess we fear. It hits our emotions and I guess we fear it or get excited by it. Fear and excitement can be kind of the same thing, it just depends on the level of excitement. I don’t know it’s coming to get us. It could be exciting, like a girl you have a crush on.

What is something you feel like you’re Losing Touch with?

Albert: *laughs* Oh so many things. Can you imagine yourself when you were 10?  We don’t relate to past selves, and then as you become more conscious and aware of your inevitable death it feels very strange.  I constantly feel like I’m living another story; another person’s life because we change so much. I feel like I’m living someone else’s life by feeling disconnected to past selves. Though I never feel like it’s negative, it just is, like the weather. Just because it’s raining it doesn’t mean its sad. I might have lost time when my younger self, but a lot of those versions come back, some things I thought I’d never see them again. Like the way I make music, for a while I was just doing it. Then I got that feeling back, from when  I was a teenager.

What is something you Don’t Think Twice about?

Albert: *looks at his wife* Masturbating.

What does living on the Razor’s Edge mean to you?

Albert: Well, I really like this move that Bill Murray did called Razor’s Edge.
I forget whether it was in a book I read or if someone told me, they describe life as a Razor’s Edge. There is such a fine line that you just have to notice. They say a joke in Spinal Tap, ‘There is such a fine line between clever and stupid’ but it’s true. Everything is so close to touching each other, you get both sides of something. It’s an idea of walking on both lines. How do you come across as being smart without being cocky or dickhead-ish. The best way to describe it is a tightrope.

Either way you’re going to get cut though.

Explain a Touché moment

Albert: There are so many and I can’t think of one right now. I just love saying it. I wanted to called the record Touché and I was going to have the cover just me getting backslapped. I just like *whispers* Touché.

Drunched in Crumbs?

Albert: It’s more than drenched, it’s drunched. It’s just when you overcome your emotions. Life is just too much of everything, whether it be good or bad. That’s what I feel is in the song. But in a way, thinking about it now,  it’s all fun in the end when you get to look back at it. There isnt a time, even when I think of the saddest time, when I can’t think it all looks good. It’d go back to all of it.

I was trying to think of a question for Sideboob, but I don’t even know what it would be… so what do you like about Sideboob?

Albert: I guess it’s the…okay. Is it just me or does it seem finer than cleavage? It’s a nicer word for sure.

It always seems sexy to me. Someone’s dressed in a T-Shirt…it’s more scandalous. The other one is just in your face all of the time so it just becomes like… butt cheeks. Although butt cheeks aren’t something you see all the time.
It had nothing to do with the way the song was thought up, I just thought, I don’t know. I tried to get a song title for that song but they all sounded too serious. I had fun playing with words with the song, so I thought that if I called it “a strange place to hunt for you” that it would all sound so cheesy. Sideboob just felt like the way. It has that dramatic ending.

Momentary Masters

  1. Born Slippy
  2. Power Hungry
  3. Caught by my Shadow
  4. Coming to Getcha
  5. Losing Touch
  6. Don’t Think Twice
  7. Razors Edge
  8. Touche
  9. Drunched in Crumbs
  10. Side Boob

I don’t really need to say anything else do I? Because listening to Albert Hammond Jr explain why he likes side boob is probably the perfect end to this read. Check out Momentary Master’s to hear the songs that caused all the commotion.

Live: Albert Hammond jr. and Prinze George

Photos by Noni Vatish

Thursday night Albert Hammond Jr played a long anticipated set at The Opera House in Toronto. Here is the rundown incase you missed the show.

Starting things off was Prinze George. A mix of pop and folk the newish band is gaining attention quickly. Releasing their debut EP earlier this year, the band made it clear that they are definitely ones to keep an eye on. They have a powerful sound laced into each track, and their meld of folk and pop are paired with slight electronic elements to amplify the intensity of the aesthetic.

The man of the hour, Albert Hammond Jr, stepped out of the Strokes and into a front man position to play to a filled crowd.

His latest album, Momentary Masters, released at the end of July and is a reminder that Hammond is a strong solo artist. He doesn’t need to pave his way or prove anything because with his past two albums are all equip with smart lyrics and some good ol’ indie-rock, he’s already engraved his talent into fans hearts.