Live: Albert Hammond jr. and Prinze George

Photos by Noni Vatish

Thursday night Albert Hammond Jr played a long anticipated set at The Opera House in Toronto. Here is the rundown incase you missed the show.

Starting things off was Prinze George. A mix of pop and folk the newish band is gaining attention quickly. Releasing their debut EP earlier this year, the band made it clear that they are definitely ones to keep an eye on. They have a powerful sound laced into each track, and their meld of folk and pop are paired with slight electronic elements to amplify the intensity of the aesthetic.

The man of the hour, Albert Hammond Jr, stepped out of the Strokes and into a front man position to play to a filled crowd.

His latest album, Momentary Masters, released at the end of July and is a reminder that Hammond is a strong solo artist. He doesn’t need to pave his way or prove anything because with his past two albums are all equip with smart lyrics and some good ol’ indie-rock, he’s already engraved his talent into fans hearts.

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