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CMW Preview: Meet the hidden gems


Next month bands  from all over the world will invade the city for four nights of nonstop music. We know the big names are some must see shows, but don’t let the smaller font fool you. There are some hidden gems you should not overlook. Here are a few of the smaller name you shouldn’t miss at CMW this year.

Basement Revolver – from Hamilton

Making everyone fall in love with the addicting track, Johnny, which dips into the mind of a heartbroken girl in love (which we’ve all been), Basement Revolver has been quickly causing a stir around them. Their debut EP was a strong glimpse at what is to come from the band. Invoking deep emotion when you listen, they’re even more powerful live.

From Australia: Betty and Oswald

The Australian duo will once again grace CMW stages, but they’ve got a new look and sound. They’ll blow your mind with their oddly sensual set. Try not to fall in love with them as they turn each room into their own private jam session.

Japanese Breakfast – From Philadelphia

For three nights Japanese Breakfast will be climbing on amps and jumping around the Silver Dollar stage. Belting out an enticing rock, the band is a one of a kind gem.

Bitch Falcon from Ireland

A simple packaged band with an extraordinary sound. Making the long trek from Ireland,  Bitch Falcon are a band you need to keep on your radar.

Frigs -From Toronto

Dropping Dirty from their name didn’t alter anything that we loved about Frigs. They’re still the same grimy alt-rock you love to get wrapped up in. Droning guitar taken from the ’70s and a raspy voiced angel make these guys a must see show.

Have you heard: Betty & Oswald “Stuck in the City”


New, yet something out of the ’80s, Betty & Oswald are back with a new track and mom jeans to match. Stuck in this City is a deep step into their new sound. Gone are the seductive-bluesy Australian beats. Now we’re introduced to a unqiue awkwardly perfect retro zeal many bands try to pull off yet can’t quite hit the mark. giphy

The duo have hinted of new Canadian tour dates to come in early 2017, so do yourself  favour and see them live. On stage they’re performances are hypnotic and always different experience. It will be interesting to see them perform as a four piece with new their lineup decked in pastels.

Check out the new track below.

This week’s 5 tracks you need to hear

From Australia to Texas, this weeks top five are goodies! Check them out below!


Powers Feat. The Knocks - 'Classic'


An impossible track to resist, the guitar  catches you straightaway in this remix of the orignal song by Powers. The track was released a while back but has an recurring summer anthem feel.

Mansionair 'Hold me Down'


If you don’t know what whisper-pop is, Mansionair will introduce you and make you fall in love. Paired with layers of synth and a catching guitar riff every now and again, Hold me Down is about the most perfect intro to the Sydney-based band you’ll have.

Young The Giant - 'Amerika'


Back with a new single Amerika and tour announcement YTG‘s new track once again proves the band knows how to change enough not to become repetitive, yet is focused and concise in their sound that from the first note you know it’s them.

Betty and Oswald - Schmuck


Now a band that took a complete opposite approach. Betty and Oswald, a budding band from Australia, took on a completely new sound in their latest single. Ditching the lusty blues for an indie psychedelic feel, the two released Schmuck earlier this summer earning them attention from Rolling Stone Australia.

Wild Child - 'Meadows'


An underrated ballad from the ever growing Texas band, Wild Child. Beloved by their fans for their uplifting folk songs with an overwhelming sense of emotion. Meadows stands out amid the album Fools (2015) for the daunting sadness laced into the slow confession. Sounding nothing like anything else the band has made, the track is a can’t miss.