This week’s 5 tracks you need to hear

From Australia to Texas, this weeks top five are goodies! Check them out below!


Powers Feat. The Knocks - 'Classic'

An impossible track to resist, the guitar  catches you straightaway in this remix of the orignal song by Powers. The track was released a while back but has an recurring summer anthem feel.

Mansionair 'Hold me Down'


If you don’t know what whisper-pop is, Mansionair will introduce you and make you fall in love. Paired with layers of synth and a catching guitar riff every now and again, Hold me Down is about the most perfect intro to the Sydney-based band you’ll have.

Young The Giant - 'Amerika'


Back with a new single Amerika and tour announcement YTG‘s new track once again proves the band knows how to change enough not to become repetitive, yet is focused and concise in their sound that from the first note you know it’s them.

Betty and Oswald - Schmuck


Now a band that took a complete opposite approach. Betty and Oswald, a budding band from Australia, took on a completely new sound in their latest single. Ditching the lusty blues for an indie psychedelic feel, the two released Schmuck earlier this summer earning them attention from Rolling Stone Australia.

Wild Child - 'Meadows'


An underrated ballad from the ever growing Texas band, Wild Child. Beloved by their fans for their uplifting folk songs with an overwhelming sense of emotion. Meadows stands out amid the album Fools (2015) for the daunting sadness laced into the slow confession. Sounding nothing like anything else the band has made, the track is a can’t miss.

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