New Dilly Dally – “i feel free”

It’s a ballad done Dilly Dally style. So you better believe there is a screaming. Katie Monks guides you into, I feel free, with a whisper. If you haven’t heard the band before now you might be taken aback as the chorus inches closer. There is something building and Monks’ trademark growl is about toContinue reading “New Dilly Dally – “i feel free””

Front row at the most Canadian showcase

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs opened Hopped and Confused with their matching denim and punk rock attitude. These guys have the presence of true rock and rollers who love what they do. It was impossible to stand still while watching them play. They create an energetic and fun environment that will make any audienceContinue reading “Front row at the most Canadian showcase”

Inside Wavelength: 5 Moments that brought Campers to their Knees

MUSIC. ART. BANDS. MUSIC. Did I mention music? Camp Wavelength may not have made it to the island, but it was in full swing. Long Boat at The Great Hall was transformed for a weekend of musical oddities to continue the spirit of the festival right here in Toronto. Here are the top five momentsContinue reading “Inside Wavelength: 5 Moments that brought Campers to their Knees”

Camp Wavelength 2017 Lineup

Get ready to grab your sparklers, tents, swim trunks and head to the island, Camp Wavelength is almost here. The line-up is nothing short of amazing. Local rockstars Dilly Dally will be headlinging the three day festival taking over Toronto Island, as well as, Deerhoof and Jessy Lanza. The Wavelength experience is nothing like otherContinue reading “Camp Wavelength 2017 Lineup”