Inside Wavelength: 5 Moments that brought Campers to their Knees

August 18th-20th 2017 – Camp Wavelength takes over Long Boat at The Great Hall for three nights of musical mayhem, only found at a Wavelength show.

MUSIC. ART. BANDS. MUSIC. Did I mention music? Camp Wavelength may not have made it to the island, but it was in full swing. Long Boat at The Great Hall was transformed for a weekend of musical oddities to continue the spirit of the festival right here in Toronto. Here are the top five moments of Camp Wavelength 2017.


Duchess Says off stage performance

Dutchess Says_-18

Two songs in, Duchess Says’ Annie-Claude Deschênes, decided the stage wasn’t intimate enough, and spent most of the set walking amid the crowd. The Montreal band is known for their live spectacle performances. However Saturday’s might have been one of the best. Orange powder rained down on campers, as  Deschênes thrashed her way to the back of the room.

Deerhoof’s performance in the air


Headlining Sunday night, Deerhoof had the exact opposite reaction to the crowd. Die-hard fans mingled with the campers. An energy few bands could have ramped up on a Sunday night was wired through the air. The band’s energy was contagious, each member spend the set jumping, trashing and rarely touching the stage.

Dilly Dally Never missing a beat

Dilly Dally_-2

Toronto’ darlings have come a long, long way. Perfecting the perfectly imperfect grunge persona of ,Dilly Dally, Katie Monks took the stage with a calm coolness that blows every crowd away. You can never help but fall in love again and again with her raspy howl.

The Mutant Cat

Ice Cream-2

Don’t ask because I couldn’t tell you. The mutant cat hanging around Wavelength turned heads until you realized it’s a Wavelength show. Combining arts and the outlandish style of the festival, it was no surprise to run into oddities.


The last of Emilie and Ogden

Emilie & Ogden_-5.jpg

Don’t fret. The angelic sounds of Emilie and Ogden, a singer and her harp, won’t be gone forever. Lead, Emilie Kahn, revealed that the band will be undergoing a name change. No word yet as to what the new name will be, but Sunday’s performance was the last under the current name. Making the sweetly dark sounds all the more meaningful.

Need more Wavelength? Check out the gallery below

The Luyas_-9

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