FIELD TRIP 2018: Might just be the best one yet

No, this isn’t a mistake, this bill isn’t from 2007 (and we mean that in the best way). First we must address the elephant in the room, the indie rock legends, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Popping up on select international bills the band is set to headline this year’s Field Trip Music Festival in Toronto alongsideContinue reading “FIELD TRIP 2018: Might just be the best one yet”

What I learned sneaking into Field Trip

Day One Most everyone stands at the main stage. The first day of Field Trip is nearly over. The sun goes down cooling the growing crowd. In well-worn muddy shoes with a camera around my neck, I shift my weight to my other foot. Glancing around at the familiar photographers waiting at the photo pitContinue reading “What I learned sneaking into Field Trip”

Indie Week Exclusive: Inside The Launch Party

Alas, Indie week, has begun. What a better way to start off the festival than with a party celebrating what the festival is all about simply, good music. Joni Fuller, Victoria  + Jean and Tiny Danza opened the first night with intimate performances for a select few.   Here’s a quick recap of what wentContinue reading “Indie Week Exclusive: Inside The Launch Party”

Inside TURF Club Series: SATE and Les Hôtesses D’Hilaire

If you’ve never seen SATE perform before, prepare because it isn’t gentle. From her black lipstick to her sensual smirk, she is a wild one. She doesn’t give you a warning, signal or any mercy. She does you hard, right on the stage for all to see. Once she begins, she unleashes herself and you can’tContinue reading “Inside TURF Club Series: SATE and Les Hôtesses D’Hilaire”