Indie Week Exclusive: Inside The Launch Party

indie 2

Alas, Indie week, has begun. What a better way to start off the festival than with a party celebrating what the festival is all about simply, good music. Joni Fuller, Victoria  + Jean and Tiny Danza opened the first night with intimate performances for a select few.   Here’s a quick recap of what went down.

Meet the show stoppers

Winners of the UK Indie week, Victoria + Jean, flew overseas to give a breathtaking performance that had the crowd screaming and photographers crawling over one another to get their golden shot. Thrashing hair, screaming and a whole lot of sweat, they brought the venue into the twisted world they rule with guitars and a sweetly-sinister take on rock. Performing each night for the festival you have many chances to take a step into the darkness that is Victoria + Jean, and see for yourself how great a walk on the dark side can be.

Earlier on, Joni Fuller performed an amazing set, with a full band of herself. Playing her pop-country album, Letters From The West Coast, the English sonsgtress is stunning. Playing keys, guitar, violin, and acoustic guitar on loop with vocals, the musician is hypnotizing to watch.

Tiny Danza pumped up the crowd a little later on. The 2011 winners graced the venue with a high-energy set that mixed their signature rock/rap dynamic that the crowd was waiting for.

Tiny Danza

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