Front row at the most Canadian showcase

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs opened Hopped and Confused with their matching denim and punk rock attitude. These guys have the presence of true rock and rollers who love what they do. It was impossible to stand still while watching them play. They create an energetic and fun environment that will make any audienceContinue reading “Front row at the most Canadian showcase”

Inside the secret Hollerado show

Beer, an alley way and a makeshift stage, can you think of a better way to spend the afternoon? Maybe add in some of Toronto’s best talent and one of Canada’s staple bands, Hollerado. After headlining the Indie’s Wednesday, the band gave Toronto more by headlining a secret show. Pony began the afternoon with aContinue reading “Inside the secret Hollerado show”

[Top 5] New Albums not miss

Splashh – Waiting a lifetime Brilliantly odd, Splashh are an acquired taste of rock that plays on the outskirts of experimental sounds. Never sounding a thing like their previous work, Splashh has once again mastered how to capture themselves while fully changing their sound. Bishop Briggs – Bishop Briggs EP Exceeding huge expectations built upContinue reading “[Top 5] New Albums not miss”

[Count down to CMW] The Canadian Gems

Canadian Music Week is nearly here, beginning April 18th-23rd. Talents from around the world will come to fill up every venue in Toronto for a week. But sometimes you don’t have to look to far to see some of the best talent. Canada’s got some amazing bands you might not have heard off (but definitelyContinue reading “[Count down to CMW] The Canadian Gems”

[New Music] Hollerado – “Born Yesterday”

Born Yesterday is the oddly grown up track from Canadian gems Hollerado.  It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from the band, but their latest track proves it was worth the four year wait. Announcing a tour with Sam Roberts beginning this month we’ll  be seeing the band more and more. With anContinue reading “[New Music] Hollerado – “Born Yesterday””