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Front row at the most Canadian showcase

Photos by Taija Anderson | Review by Sophia Rea. – August 25th – 26th, 2017 Hollerado performing at Dine Alone’s Hopped and Confused showcase in Ottawa.

Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs_-16Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs opened Hopped and Confused with their matching denim and punk rock attitude. These guys have the presence of true rock and rollers who love what they do. It was impossible to stand still while watching them play. They create an energetic and fun environment that will make any audience member want to dance and have a good time with them.

Said the Whale_-4 Said the Whale truly were the comfort in our company. This Vancouver band plays as honest as they write. I fell in love with these guys only moments into their set. They maintained their composure even though an audience member was taken out by security during their heart wrenching Emily Rose. Tyler brought us all together by making audience members shine lights for Emily Rose and continuing with their set, uninterrupted.

 Yukon Blonde-4Yukon Blonde just know how to play live. They played a hypnotizing show with their electronic elements and 70’s sounds. Their music reminds us of better times and the way they played enticed all of us to have fun with them, and dance just like Brandon Scott did with his guitar.

The Trews-26.jpgThe Trews play with the confidence of classic rockers – and you can’t blame them. This band is solid from start to finish, playing true hard rock and having a damn good time doing it.

New Swears-26.jpgDay two began with Ottawa’s own rising stars. From marshmallows, to ramen, to confetti, New Swears got us messy to start off Saturday night. Don’t let this distract you from their music, though. These garage rock Ottawa boys played a fantastically fun show that left us all wanting more.

Dilly Dally_-5Dilly Dally’s Katie Monks took over the stage embodying “cool”.  With her raspy growls and soft vocals, Dilly Dally creates a mysterious sound that will make you fall in love with every song.

Hollerado_-18The power went out right before Hollerado’s set. But that didn’t stop them from coming out on stage to perform a singalong with waiting audience members.Hollerado_-2.jpg

Their presence during the outage made it clear that they would find a way to make sure the show would go on. When the power came back, Hollerado played a show full of good vibes and so much fun that would have made anyone feel like a teenager again.

Tokyo Police Club_Tokyo Police Club was a fantastic way to close this festival. After being delayed by the earlier power outage, they were given permission to play past the usual curfew, and it was definitely worthwhile.



Dilly Dally_-15.jpg

Inside the secret Hollerado show

April 22nd, 2017 – Exclaim and Fred Perry host a secret Hollerado show. 

Beer, an alley way and a makeshift stage, can you think of a better way to spend the afternoon? Maybe add in some of Toronto’s best talent and one of Canada’s staple bands, Hollerado. After headlining the Indie’s Wednesday, the band gave Toronto more by headlining a secret show.


Pony began the afternoon with a set that gave the audience an intimate look at the band’s quirky charm.

Little Junior_-20
Little Junior 

Up next, Little Junior brought forth a set full of energy and choreographed guitar gimmicks. They didn’t forget to dedicate every song to the haters.


The band of the hour took the stage at five and played a wildly intimate show. Not bothering with a set list, they played old and new and even took suggestions from the audience. Ending the day full of bubbles, candy and a personal hang with bands, the secret party wasn’t one to miss.

[Top 5] New Albums not miss

Splashh – Waiting a lifetime


Brilliantly odd, Splashh are an acquired taste of rock that plays on the outskirts of experimental sounds. Never sounding a thing like their previous work, Splashh has once again mastered how to capture themselves while fully changing their sound.

Bishop Briggs – Bishop Briggs EP


Exceeding huge expectations built up after she released her single, River, Bishop Briggs set-forth an EP to be reckoned with.

Hollerado – Born Yesterday


The Canadian darlings are all set for a tour to follow up their newest album. If you loved the rowdy youthful Hollerado, prepare to be a little surprised. They capture the same energy as their three previous albums, but Born Yesterday is definitely a more mature sound.

Timber Timbre – Sincerely, Future Solution


Like a nightmare you don’t want to wake up from, Timber Timbre are back with their hollow, creeping eerily perfect sounds. The newest album features more of an toned back darkness, than their previous releases.

Diet Cig -Swear I’m Good at This


A the smallest bundle, with a big sound and energy, Diet Cig is a band to keep on your radar. The newest album is full of the same endearingly sweet and cheeky pop-rock with indie influences.

[Count down to CMW] The Canadian Gems

Canadian Music Week is nearly here, beginning April 18th-23rd. Talents from around the world will come to fill up every venue in Toronto for a week. But sometimes you don’t have to look to far to see some of the best talent. Canada’s got some amazing bands you might not have heard off (but definitely need too). Here is a list of bands you NEED to see at this years festival.

Casper Skulls

0008259011_10You’ve most certainly seen this band on a playbill. Casper Skulls are the reason people come early to shows. They capture crowds with their grunge rock and turn the audience into obsessed fans.


16114755_10155120475301162_1283634342609929662_nThe Canadian darlings are a band to know. If you haven’t heard of Hollerado you’re missing out. They’re a band with an eccentric energy that thrives in each one of their albums. Playing The Indies at The Phoenix, the show will not be one to miss.



The Buzz Record stars are an indie dream. Live they pour their souls onto the stage. Their sold out shows are always different and never cease to amaze. Their music is something to be experienced live.



Celebrating their album launch at CMW, the band is an odd treat. Mellow and dark, their sound if soft and gripping. It gives you chill by offsetting a comfort to lose yourself in.



Yi-by-Tara-Newell-aMaking their CMW debut, Yi, is a rare experimental project the emulates a sound somewhere between undistinguishable and emotionally driven.

[New Music] Hollerado – “Born Yesterday”


Born Yesterday is the oddly grown up track from Canadian gems Hollerado.  It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from the band, but their latest track proves it was worth the four year wait.

Announcing a tour with Sam Roberts beginning this month we’ll  be seeing the band more and more. With an album on the way for 2017 we’ll probably even see them on a few festival bills as well.

Check out the new single below.