Inside the secret Hollerado show

April 22nd, 2017 – Exclaim and Fred Perry host a secret Hollerado show. 

Beer, an alley way and a makeshift stage, can you think of a better way to spend the afternoon? Maybe add in some of Toronto’s best talent and one of Canada’s staple bands, Hollerado. After headlining the Indie’s Wednesday, the band gave Toronto more by headlining a secret show.


Pony began the afternoon with a set that gave the audience an intimate look at the band’s quirky charm.

Little Junior_-20
Little Junior 

Up next, Little Junior brought forth a set full of energy and choreographed guitar gimmicks. They didn’t forget to dedicate every song to the haters.


The band of the hour took the stage at five and played a wildly intimate show. Not bothering with a set list, they played old and new and even took suggestions from the audience. Ending the day full of bubbles, candy and a personal hang with bands, the secret party wasn’t one to miss.

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