[Photos] Inside Venus Fest

Not out of the norm there was a show in Toronto. An artistic expression with feminist inspiration was the festival’s goal. Welcoming all into a safe space much needed in the music scene. Venus Fest did just that, by creating a safe, welcoming space dedicated to woman, art, and music. One of the first festivalsContinue reading “[Photos] Inside Venus Fest”

Inside Wavelength: 5 Moments that brought Campers to their Knees

MUSIC. ART. BANDS. MUSIC. Did I mention music? Camp Wavelength may not have made it to the island, but it was in full swing. Long Boat at The Great Hall was transformed for a weekend of musical oddities to continue the spirit of the festival right here in Toronto. Here are the top five momentsContinue reading “Inside Wavelength: 5 Moments that brought Campers to their Knees”