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[Top Five] Releases to get you through quarantine

Declan Mckenna

Declan McKenna – “The Key to Life on Earth.”

Everything McKenna writes is a beautifully dark take on society. It’s even more daunting and appealing coming from someone so young. The 21-year-old released an eerie video for the second single off of his upcoming album Zeros.

July Talk – “Governess Shadow”

The beloved Toronto-based July Talk are back. After four long years fans are treated to two singles “Pray for it” and “Governess Shadow” off of their upcoming album, suitably to be released in July. While the tracks are vastly different, each are lovely and compliment the other.

Dream Wife – “Hasta La Vista”

The trio have been busy prepping their latest album “So When you Gonna…”, beginning a podcast and pumping out singles. Their latest Hasta La Vista is frighteningly from their energy infused first self titled album. That doesn’t mean it’s not wildly lovely.

Dizzy – “The Magician”

The brilliant up and comers make nothing short of beautiful melodies and softly stunning vocals. Don’t let the bands slow nature fool you, each track in always infused with energy and emotion

“The Magician” is yet another beautiful track

Pretty Matty – “Why not Be Something that you Are?”

A rock infused track that makes you long to see live shows. It’s a track you want to enthral yourself in completely as memories of punk’s past pile on.

[Photos] Riverfest Elora Day 1: July Talk, Julie and the Wrong Guys + More

July Talk -15-2
August 17th, 2018 – July Talk headline Riverfest Elora in Elora, Ontatio 

Julie & The Wrong Guys -6
Julie and The Wrong Guys

Julie & The Wrong Guys -1
Julie and The Wrong Guys

Julie & The Wrong Guys -4
Julie and The Wrong Guys

Wolf Parade-2-2
Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade-1
Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade-3
Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade-2
Wolf Parade

New Swears-7
New Swears

New Swears-6
New Swears

New Swears-5
New Swears

New Swears-3
New Swears

July Talk -4
July Talk

July Talk -1
July Talk

July Talk -5-2
July Talk

July Talk -26
July Talk

July Talk -22
July Talk

July Talk -10
July Talk

July Talk -27
July Talk

Inside the (almost) secret July Talk show

January 18th, 2017 – Leah Fay during July Talk’s performance for Mohawk College’s  Frost Week in Hamilton.

A small stage, an epic band and a show to remember. Yes, there was a July Talk show. Did you miss it? We’ve got you covered.  july-talk_-26If you’ve never had school envy, you might now. The addicting, enthralling, July Talk sold out Mohawk College this week during an event exclusively for students. The crowds at the band’s shows get larger as their stature grows. Coming off, of the four month tour, the intimate show gave fans a rare look at the rising band.

The line began hours before the show for fans to claim front row. Once the lights dimmed, the band didn’t disappoint anyone in the room. Their high energy songs off of their two albums claimed the crowd. Once a slower number, I’ve Rationed Well, began a drawn out guitar riff brought Fay into the crowd. Returning to the stage with a fan, who had slightly too much to drink, the band asked her to perform the next song with them.

“Do you know the next song,” Fay asked.

“My Guns and Ammunition,” the fan began. Though, that wasn’t next on the setlist.

“We already played that one sweetie. Where were you?” Fay said. With glossy eyes and a nervous smile, the fan took the mic in her hands and began Guns and Ammunition again. Continuing on, the set enveloped the room into a hair thrashing, gasping, sweaty scene July Talk in known best for.




This Week’s Top Five: The Pretty Reckless, July Talk + more


SWMRS - "Hannah"


Hannah might be one of the most addicting songs on their debut album, Drive North. On an album fuelled by punk-rock, Hannah is the slower track on the album with a odd vibe we’re loving.

Muuey Biien - "Bitter Blessings"


From Georgia, Muuy Beiin are a band to know. They’re dark rock is laced with a sinister energy that makes it hard to forget them. Seeing them live is a shock, even if you know them. Their undeniably odd stage presence is a little addicting. Check out their latest track below.

K.i.d. - "Errors"


Back with a new sound, K.I.D. is a name you’ll be seeing a lot more of. After listening to their latest track you’ll understand why.

July Talk "Beck + Call"

giphy (2).gif

Incase you missed it, July Talk released a breathtaking new video for Beck + Call. Featuring Tanya Tagaq, the song is a look at power plays in relationships. The video features a look at the power dynamic expressed through movement.

The Pretty Reckless - "Oh My God"


The first single off of the third-coming album, Who You Selling For, is a hard step away from their debut single Make Me Wanna Die,  back in 2010. Gone is the glam-rock undertone from their start. Instead a metal element as been inserted into their past album and seemingly dominates their latest track.

July Talk at The Edge: A love story

August 15th – July Talk play a Sugar Beach session at The Edge

It’s a simple love story really…I just really love July Talk.  Tuesday, they played a free showcase for The Edge and this is what happened.

The room is black. Windows covered, the instruments in the centre taunt those who have been waiting outside for over an hour.

Front row with shaky hands and a racing heart, I smile widely. No matter how many times I see them play, July Talk makes me feel as excited as a six year old at a One Direction concert. Though I pride myself for not jumping on them and crying as they stride passed. Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay (vocals), guitarist Ian Docherty, bassist Josh Warburton and drummer Danny Miles take their places marked on the floor. With a glance around the room, it’s clear, my internal reaction is seen in the eyes of many others in the crowd. Gathered in a circle, we wait as the band waves and thanks us. We cheer, they smile, and the anticipation in the room breaks at the first note of Push and Pull. 

DSC_0189Three songs for the Sugar Beach session were expected, but soon after the final song ends a little bit of sadness arises. We came, we saw, Peter  screamed, it ended.
Or so we thought.
Another song began. It became very clear a mini July Talk concert was breaking out. DSC_0424With each show different from the last, the only thing to be expected is the unexpected. Dropping to the floor, Fay crawling and both eating microphones, the band plays a set selected by the audience as they go. A few songs in, fans are called to join Dreimanis in the centre to sing Fay’s part of Paper Girl while she walks around the room thanking everyone for coming.

New songs from their album are played and it’s the best way to hear the singles before their second album Touch is released next month. Never failing to amaze, the band ends sweaty, smiling and leaving everyone satisfied.

Check out more photos of the show below.