[Top Five] Releases to get you through quarantine

Declan Mckenna

Declan McKenna – “The Key to Life on Earth.”

Everything McKenna writes is a beautifully dark take on society. It’s even more daunting and appealing coming from someone so young. The 21-year-old released an eerie video for the second single off of his upcoming album Zeros.

July Talk – “Governess Shadow”

The beloved Toronto-based July Talk are back. After four long years fans are treated to two singles “Pray for it” and “Governess Shadow” off of their upcoming album, suitably to be released in July. While the tracks are vastly different, each are lovely and compliment the other.

Dream Wife – “Hasta La Vista”

The trio have been busy prepping their latest album “So When you Gonna…”, beginning a podcast and pumping out singles. Their latest Hasta La Vista is frighteningly from their energy infused first self titled album. That doesn’t mean it’s not wildly lovely.

Dizzy – “The Magician”

The brilliant up and comers make nothing short of beautiful melodies and softly stunning vocals. Don’t let the bands slow nature fool you, each track in always infused with energy and emotion

“The Magician” is yet another beautiful track

Pretty Matty – “Why not Be Something that you Are?”

A rock infused track that makes you long to see live shows. It’s a track you want to enthral yourself in completely as memories of punk’s past pile on.

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