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The Year’s Best Guitar Faces

Monster Truck - face

Everyone is releasing their end of year lists, so here’s one of mine. The best guitar faces of the year. What is a guitar face? Let me explain, you know that moment when the band is on stage, the crowd is overexcited and that song comes on and everyone just feels it? The togetherness, the bond, well if you spend all of your time watching the lead singer going to town you’re missing the real show. The guitarist the one to watch, the faces that appear are innocently ย purely of someone in the moment, enjoying what they do and not caring about anything else. It’s that magical moment, and no one guitar face is quite like the other. So, enjoy the ones I’ve experienced thus far.

Gallery: Current Swell, Phillip Sayce and Xprime @ The Horseshoe


Phillip Sayce


They’ve blown up quite quickly. A few weeks ago, Current Swell stopped by The Horseshoe Tavern and brought along some friends. XPrime played one of their first shows with the recent change. After parting ways with member, Gab Sid, the three members ,ย Neil Carson (guitar),ย Steph Mercier (guitar/vocals) and Phil Taylor (drums)ย came to the stage and rocked some new songs.

Just two men and their instruments hit the stage next. Toronto-native Philip Sayce played a two men set that went down to the grittiness of rock & roll.

Current Swells brought their hand-clapping foot-stomping vibes. To the ‘shoe and an audience that was ready for everything they had to give. From Vancouver, Current Swell is a mix of rock, folk with a little bit of reggae thrown in. They take sounds and genres that shouldn’t work together, yet blend perfectly. If you don’t know their songs, by the end of their set you’ll be yelling the lyrics with the crowd.