For your Summer Playlist: She Devils

Imagine taking a step into space, nothing is around you and you’re just there, whatever will happen, will happen. You’re unsure of everything aside from your fondness of it all, this album is pretty much that. For as long as I can recall, seeing She Devils on a show bill in Toronto wasn’t rare. Many timesContinue reading “For your Summer Playlist: She Devils”

[CMW] 17 Unmissable bands You’ve probably never heard of

Weaves  The Dead Love Sumo Cyco Basement Revolver Walrus   Surf Dads The Dandy Warhols She Devils Julia Jacklin Partner Belle Game   The Beaches  AVEC SANS Duchess Says Goodbye Honolulu Groenland Dune Rats Teenager

The Hypnotic Trace that is She Devils

Step inside a gloriously twisted world.  Saccharine and brightly-dark, She Devils, Audrey Ann & Kyle Jukka, are a band to get lost in. Their self-titled debut EP is a step into a dream. Guided by Ann, you’re shown a fantasy you can’t help but like instantly.  Come, is the most standout single on amid the four. You’reContinue reading “The Hypnotic Trace that is She Devils”