For your Summer Playlist: She Devils


Imagine taking a step into space, nothing is around you and you’re just there, whatever will happen, will happen. You’re unsure of everything aside from your fondness of it all, this album is pretty much that. For as long as I can recall, seeing She Devils on a show bill in Toronto wasn’t rare. Many times over the years the duo, Kyle Jukka and vocalist Aurdey Ann Boucher have graced various stages in the city, each sporting a dramatically different hairstyle each time. 

“What’s this next band like?” Someone asked me once. My response was far from cohesive. Electro-layered-pop- indie stuff,  seemed like a bumbling response, yet oddly fitting. Finally setting their debut album out into the world, the Montreal band has fully grown into their outlandish theme. Finding a cohesion through energetic layers and enticing melodies.

The first track on the album is their most enticing and catchy. Revamped, the album version of Come is a far cry away from how the single recently was released. Slower and more polished than previous heard on their self-titled EP.  Each track has a reoccurring theme of Boucher confessing a heartfelt intimate story to another faceless being. Riddled over hushed and dominant tones, each oddity of electronic tones evokes the message further.


Can’t miss track: The World Laughs

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