*New Music* Shopping are back with “The Hype”

Back is the oddly endearing political surf rock band, Shopping. The UK band have released a new single, “The Hype” and it’s everything you’re expecting. The song is the first release since their album, Why Choose, back in 2015. Their single is oddly danceable, with mismatched drums and guitar that somehow meld perfectly together alongside the band’sContinue reading “*New Music* Shopping are back with “The Hype””

Reviewed: Let’s go ‘Shopping’

The Silver Dollar is all black, still hot and sweaty despite the modest crowd. The few scattered in the room all stare at the stage that is dressed in blue, green and that overpowering dingy red. Three stick out of the crowd as they watch each opening band with smiles. The different tones of eachContinue reading “Reviewed: Let’s go ‘Shopping’”

The Newest Jittery, Fast-Pace Amazing Discovery: Shopping

How much fun do you think you can experience in about two and a half minutes? What about frustration, anguish or social resistance riddled in punk sound perfected in such a way you’ll think the album came straight from a post ’80s era…all in just over two minutes? With the upcoming release of, Why Choose, by theContinue reading “The Newest Jittery, Fast-Pace Amazing Discovery: Shopping”