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New Belle Game

19959477_10155434634438638_758818441017815782_nCanadian indie-pop darlings Belle Game released Sprit off of their upcoming album, FEAR/NOTHING out September 8th.  Taking on a lighter sound compared to their 2013 album, Ritual Tradition Habit, which was had an impending darkness weaved into each track, Spirt still has all of the band’s charm. Andrea Lo’s powerful vocals amplify the new more pop-based sound and keeps an undertone of the hauntingly beautiful from previous releases.

[CMW] 17 Unmissable bands You’ve probably never heard of

Weaves weaves

The Dead Love


Sumo Cyco


Basement Revolver



Walrus 6


Surf Dads

Surf Dads-2

The Dandy Warhols


She Devils


Julia Jacklin




Belle Game



The Beaches toronto-band-the-beaches-supplied-for-endemann



Duchess Says


Goodbye Honolulu




Dune Rats




TURF Day Three: Death Cab for Cutie, Jimmy Eat World + More

Sunday September 18th – Photos by Daniela Tantalo and Taija Anderson | TURF day 3: Death Cab For Cutie headlines the final night. 

No rain, no construction, and a lot of sun, the final day of Toronto Urban Roots Fest ended on a bright note. Death Cab for Cutie ended the festival and shared the spotlight with Jimmy Eat World, The Hold Steady and many other amazing acts. Check out the photos below!

Want more photos? Check out TURF day one and day two

The Belle Game
Sun K
Marlon Williams
Julia Jacklin
The New Pornographers
Matt Good 


The Hold Steady
Wild Child
Adam Baldwin
Jimmy Eat World
Death Cab For Cutie 


Explore The Hidden Gems of TURF


In a few short weeks one of Toronto’s best festivals will take over Fort York and unleash a stellar lineup. Death Cab for Cutie, James Bay and (for the nostalgic ones) Jimmy Eat World are just a few names drawing people in. But there are some amazing up and coming  performers that should not be missed. Often times if the band is unknown, festival goers might not care as much if they arrive a little late for the set, or grab a beer during. Well, if you’re unsure of when to opt for a break, make certain that you don’t miss these names.

Wild Child

Wild Child make fans fall in love by telling them intimate stories in the form of songs. Vocalists Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins beautifully confess their souls with homage to their Texas roots whittled into their unqiue campfire indie-pop.


The Belle Game

Twistedly pop, The Belle Game find a way to create an energy that makes their music thrive. The Vancover-based band disappeared off the scene for a little while, but resurfaced with a shiny new sound, with the same elements that made them so unqiue before. Check out River, off of their debut album.



2016 marks the band’s 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album. They are a throwback to angsty grunge palatable for adults, kind of like if Death Cab for Cutie was a little more rock. The 2015 release of the album Pacific Milk is a masterpiece and a must hear.

Marlon Williams

Listening to Marlon William’s is like taking a walk down an abandoned road. Walking forward, there is an impending feeling that something menacing is close behind. Capturing audiences with hunting stories with equal parts beauty and country, William’s is a performer not to miss.

The Sadies

Familiar to TURF and Toronto The Sadies are a sound all of their own; bluegrass, blues, psychedelic, garage rock, all these and more can be found in the talents various albums. Their stage presence is enticingly unique and each show is never quite like the last.


Check out the full line up and schedule here.


[This Week’s Top 5 Tracks you need to hear]: Belle Game, The Medicine Hat + More

July 31st – 2016 | Belle Game 

A can’t miss band from Vancouver and the baby band to watch from Hamilton, this week’s can’t miss tracks are some gems. Buckle up and take a listen!

Belle Game - 'Yuh'


They played Osheaga, and nearly every other festival aft their album Ritual Tradition Habit released in 2014, then seemingly, Belle Game disappeared off the face of the earth. The wide hole they left is no longer raw since their latest release Yuh is a optimistic promise that more is on the way. They even started filling festival bills again, the band is set to play TURF in September.

Bishop Briggs 'River'


From the UK, Bishop Briggs is a one of a kind artist on the brink of a breakthrough. The soulful voice paired with her unqiue sound has secured a few festival bills this past summer. Known for the stunning track River, the artist makes it easy to fall in love with her.

HONNE & Izzy Bizu 'Someone that Loves You'


A sultry mix of electronic and rock, HONNE are a showstopper in this track. Both write, produce and perform their music. Currently touring, with a Toronto date for August 10th, the pair are a must see.

Kllo 'Bolide'

Photo: Alan Weedon (alnwdn.com)

Millions of plays on Spotify have us shining a light on Kllo’s newest video. The electronic pair have a powerful energy that has people around the world falling in love with their Well Worn EP.

The Medicine Hat -'St. Cecelia'


Hamilton’s own The Medicine Hat released thelatest track off of their upcoming EP this week and it was a stunner. St. Cecelia is a polished tune that is sure to have you eagerly awaiting their album.  They have an alternative vibe with tributes to iconic bands like Metric and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, yet don’t get lost in the genre. They’ve created their own place are definitely a band to watch.

Review: The Belle Game – Ritual Tradition Habit

This band makes you feel something. They take you into their world and submerge you with soulful rhythmic songs. The debut album, Ritual Tradition Habit, takes you into another world of soulful, dramatic, fantasy and has a presence of beauty laced into each track. The five-member orchestral band is a mix of dark pop, hunting harmony from the first track, Ritual, to the last, Habit.

The album seems odd to put this album under any type of genre. Each track is so intricate and different. Each harmony is carefully thought out and placed faultlessly in each song.

River is an emotional track with a gripping sound; it is the perfect way to begin the album. It is one of those songs you get caught shouting-singing in the car and don’t even care because it’s your jam. The song is like a story you want to hear move of. The powerful voice of Andrea Lo is followed by soft guitar and aided by soulful drums.

Two tracks away is Wait Up for You. The songs are worlds apart. The up-tempo guitar and drums match Lo’s voice with a vibratnt insensity. Her voice is more refined in this track, which seems to focus more on the instrumental elements of the track. The song’s beat is danceable and peppy though the lyrics aren’t exactly that.

The range of this band is extensive and is displayed through each song. Each member is focused on in one song or another. The feel isn’t consistent and that uncertain, constantly changing theme, works as the consistent theme itself.

Who are they?– The Canadian band is from Vancouver. Their first EP, Inventing Letters, released in 2009 and was followed by, Sleep to Grow in 2011. They played last year’s North by Northeast in Toronto and South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Last summer, they took the stage closer to home at Montreal’s Osheaga Music Festival.

According to the band’s site, there is a promise of new music coming soon.

Can’t Miss Track: Bruises to Ash.