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Take a listen to The Fratellis new track “The Next Time We Wed”


Yes, it’s true. The Fratellis are back and they’ve long abandoned their rowdy personas for a more mature take on rock. Their latest release, however is something wildly unexpected from the Scottish rockers. The Next Time we Wed, is a dip into the psychedelic, which from the cover art of, In Your Own Sweet Time, seems to be the bands new genre.

Take a listen to the new track below.

Last night with The Fratellis @ The Danforth Music Hall

The Fratellis 1

People say “their name sounds familiar”. Shocked and saddened, you then play Chelsea Dagger and their eyes light up. “Sounds familiar” Play them Flathead and instantly, an iPod commercial flashes through their mind and they know who the Fratellis are. For 10 years, The Fratellis have been making music and touring the world and they just keep getting better. 

Last Wednesday, the band came to Toronto and played The Danforth Music Hall. On the beginning of their tour they were met with a packed room of adoring fans ready to fulfill that long awaited desire. If you’re a long time fan, the show was everything you could have asked for. With their newest album Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied, a new side of the band is shown, though the darker tone didn’t hide the high-energy essence of the band. They played everything the crowd wanted to hear from all previous albums.

Opening the show was Grizfolk. All the way from LA, the five piece band played a stealthy line-up that gave the crowd a little taste of what they had to offer. At times the rock band had a little more of a country tone, but their ending songs vamped up the crowd before The Fratellis took the stage.

Photos of The Fratellis by Devin Ouellette

Concerts to Get You Through the Fall Blues

Alabama Shakes

Festival season is coming to an end, school is starting and the days are getting shorter. Stop and breathe, because the music scene is far from slowing down. The fall season is bringing some stellar acts to Toronto, with more names being announced each day, you’ll be breaking your piggy bank and wondering how you’re going to get any sleep in.

For those who like it slow, the witty stylings of The Tallest Man On Earth will be found on September 4th at Massey Hall with Lady Lamb as his opener; the singer-songwriter has added also a full-band to this leg of the tour to full capture the sound originally intended.

Rolling into town on a Technicolor horse decked in leather with a cigarette in hand, Daniel Romano will be gracing the MOD Club on November 11th. The multitalented country artist, not only doubles as a leather worker, but as a performance artist as well, adding an unexpected twist to each performance.

If country isn’t your style, no fear, playing The Horseshoe Tavern on November 11th is the highly anticipated BØRNS. It’s a surprise tickets are so cheap, coming in at $12, since the show is sure to sell out since it will be after the release of his debut album, Dopamine. It’s a perfect opportunity to see an emerging artist right before his big break.

A few seasoned Scottish boys will be taking over The Danforth Music Hall on September 16th. With the release of their new album, Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied, The Fratellis will be playing their new charming mix of romantic alterna-rock heard on their newest release for Canadian fans. Another band with a recent release, Rah Rah! Will be celebrating their new album, Vessels by taking over The Horseshoe on September 11th. The Regina-bound band will be hosting their own show before an international tour, supporting the likes of Sam Roberts Band and Dear Rouge.

Albert Hammond Jr

Hey, Strokes fans this one is for you! I know you’re all probably still upset about the Julian Casablancas cancellation, but you can pick yourselves out of the gutter, Albert Hammond Jr is heading to The Opera House on September 17th. After a few US cancellations, Albert still has his sights set on the cozy Queen West venue where the intimidate atmosphere will be more than enough to fill your craving.

Now, the big ones. Incase you’ve been living under a rock, these are some shows you probably shouldn’t miss.

Just adding July Talk as their openers Alabama Shakes will be performing at the Air Canada Center on, which is a big score for the Toronto-based band. Known for their high-energy, much talked about performances, the addition has a lot of people anticipating an eye-catching set. Can’t make the show? Well, July Talk has also secured a headlining spot at the upcoming KOI Fest on September 25th.

After a quick venue change, James Bay will be playing Sound Academy in November. Still modestly priced, considering Echosmith will be opening along side Finish Ticket.

And the baby band to see has to be Bully. Releasing their self titled album this past year, the band has caused quite a stir. Savage hair-flipping, body shaking rock performances have rock fans ready to rush The Garrison later in the month.

So start scrimping, waiting in line and making excuses for your late work, some of the best are coming.

Featured: The Fratellis: Eye’s Wide Tongue Tied Review

The Fratellis copy

Eye Wide, Tongue Tied, is the latest album from the Scottish boys and has some very noticeable differences from previous albums. They’ve never been the type to release an album in the same realm of their previous; their ever-changing sound is almost to be expected as the band takes chances by adding an undertone of a differing genre. Though they’ve always managed to add their signature edge and energy to each piece of work, keeping their collection cohesive. The high-energy of the Fratellis has been transformed from their  garage-rock debut, Costello Music (2007). The change began in their following by release of, Here We Stand (2008), which focused on perfecting plain old rock music with an utterly English influence. Switching paces completely with, We Need Medicine (2013), threw away any preconception of the band and instead offered a country undertone only The Fratellis could have created. Now with their newest album, The band have decided to conquer something darker.

The fratellisEye Wide, Tongue Tied, differs by slowing down John Fratelli’s normally elating fast-talking voice. The album is darker and more mature than anything they’ve ever released. Musically the biggest change is heard by the simple swap of emphasised instruments. Unlike previous albums, a more paced- sleek sounding guitar is also noted, and bassist Barri Fratelli doesn’t take a backseat. Instead he offers a nicely amplified bass, which adds a sense of slow seduction.

Me and The Devil, is the masterpiece of the album. The lyrics offer up the exact feel of the tone heard from start to finish, a dark romance you couldn’t escape if you wanted to. It also showcases the more full-band sound that was drawn on throughout. Rosanna, is one of the more interesting tracks. So unlike anything *** has ever sung you cant help but replay the track unsure of whether you love it or hate it. Incase you were a little cared that the Fratellis has lost their sound you hear Thief a few tracks in and the fast-talking danceable sound you’ve grown used to is back. Followed by Dogtown the tracks are still heavy with the new changes, but offers everything the cousins are known for.

Overall, it’s a change that may result in a love or hate relationship with fans, but if you’re on the love side like me. Then check out their new album.