Last night with The Fratellis @ The Danforth Music Hall

The Fratellis 1

People say “their name sounds familiar”. Shocked and saddened, you then play Chelsea Dagger and their eyes light up. “Sounds familiar” Play them Flathead and instantly, an iPod commercial flashes through their mind and they know who the Fratellis are. For 10 years, The Fratellis have been making music and touring the world and they just keep getting better. 

Last Wednesday, the band came to Toronto and played The Danforth Music Hall. On the beginning of their tour they were met with a packed room of adoring fans ready to fulfill that long awaited desire. If you’re a long time fan, the show was everything you could have asked for. With their newest album Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied, a new side of the band is shown, though the darker tone didn’t hide the high-energy essence of the band. They played everything the crowd wanted to hear from all previous albums.

Opening the show was Grizfolk. All the way from LA, the five piece band played a stealthy line-up that gave the crowd a little taste of what they had to offer. At times the rock band had a little more of a country tone, but their ending songs vamped up the crowd before The Fratellis took the stage.

Photos of The Fratellis by Devin Ouellette

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