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[Top Five] Have You Heard?

Timber Timber - "Sewer Blues"


From the depths of nightmare’s and the heart of sadness, Timber Timber are back with a new track that is a much more tame take on their normal sound. Off of their upcoming album, Sincerely, Future Pollution (out in April), Sewer Blues is a slow rock ballad that is slightly off centre of the band’s core.

Declan McKenna - "The Kids Don't Wanna Come 

13267807_521860821355628_163281485034362623_nHeartwarmingly honest and sweetly raw, The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home, is the latest single from UK darling Declan McKenna. The 18-year-old masks his youth by writing truthful songs from an artistic perspective.

Said the Whale - "Step into the Darkness"


A recent loss of members didn’t stop the band from moving on as a trio. Step into Darkness is the first single put forth by the new set up. Each album after the last Said the Whale seems to reinvent themselves with a new sound and feel and this single does the same. A slow ballad is a step back from the heavy pop sound in their last album hawaii, yet still unlike anything they’ve produced in the past.

Cage the Elephant - "Cold Cold Cold"


There is something simply addicting about Cage the Elephant. Their newest video adds a dramatic element to track, with a minute-long into the theatrical song.


Muuy Biien - "Moral Compass"


A cluster of odd, dark and enthralling rock Muuy Biien unleashed a new view off of their debut album Age of Uncertainty.  Featuring Even Peters, the video is a mind boggling look into the dark oddities that make the band so enticing.

[Top Five] Camp Wavelength artists you need to hear

Odonis Odonis

In the spirt of Wavelength going down this weekend, here are five tracks from the performers you need to hear. So if you missed the festival, no worries. Here are a few of the hidden gems that took the stage.

Odonis Odonis - "Needs"


Off of their latest record, Post Plague; Needs, captures everything that is perfect about Odonis Odonis: the perfect meshing of electronic and rock with a little bit of metal.


Cloud Nothings - "Should Have"


A teenage dream, Cloud Nothings are a must hear band. The band incorporates their Cleveland roots into their pop-punk creating a strong element that separates them from every other band.

Wolf Saga - "Always With Me"


Energetic and talented, Wolf Saga’s music is a treat. If you haven’t discovered the magic of Wolf Saga take a listen.

Casper Skulls - King of Gold 


New to Buzz records, Casper Skulls are a band to see. More often than not their names are on bills around the city and with good reason. The Toronto-based band is a dark step into rock that makes you crave more.

Operators - "Cold Light"



Made up of members from other projects, Operators are skilled musicians to watch out for. Each song is so distinctly their own with their melding of rock, pop and electro elements.

This Week’s Top 5: July Talk, Beach Slang + More

Elephant Stone 

This week was almost a Canadian only list! The top five tracks come from bands on the rise. You’ll see these names on festival bills almost anywhere, and with good reason. If you haven’t heard of these bands than these are some names you need to familiarize yourself with.

Listen to the can’t miss tracks below!

 July Talk - 'Strange Habit'


Toronto’s beloved band on the rise is back and they’re showing their softer side. July Talk’s newest track is a completely different sound heard in slower ballads even from their debut album. The rock element is stripped and we see the vocalists focus on pairing piano with the unique voices of the duo.

Elephant Stone - Manipulator


With a new album, Ship of Fools, set to release digitally in September, Elephant Stone are back with a sound that challenges their previous albums. The second single, Manipulator is a step towards a more pop-like sound, though doesn’t lack skill when it comes to song writing.

The Darcy's 'Miracle'


An infectious song with an upbeat groove. The Darcy’s latest single is an array of everything we can’t get enough of from this Toronto band.


Charlotte Cardin - 'Big Boy'

Featured Artist Charlotte Cardin

A stunning beat paired with heart-stopping vocals. Cardin is a vocal making people take notice. In Big Boy her soulful voice paired with layers of hip-hop and electronic elements make the single a stand out among her debut EP.

Beach Slang - 'Punks in a Disco Bar'


A long anticipated album set to release in September, Beach Slang have wracked up fans around the world. Making people fall in love with their dose of rock, fit for the outcast hidden in all of us. Their latest single, Punks in a Disco Bar is everything you want to hear without being tiring.