[Top Five] Have You Heard?

Timber Timber – “Sewer Blues” From the depths of nightmare’s and the heart of sadness, Timber Timber are back with a new track that is a much more tame take on their normal sound. Off of their upcoming album, Sincerely, Future Pollution (out in April), Sewer Blues is a slow rock ballad that is slightly off centre ofContinue reading “[Top Five] Have You Heard?”

[Top Five] Camp Wavelength artists you need to hear

In the spirt of Wavelength going down this weekend, here are five tracks from the performers you need to hear. So if you missed the festival, no worries. Here are a few of the hidden gems that took the stage. Odonis Odonis – “Needs” Off of their latest record, Post Plague; Needs, captures everything that is perfectContinue reading “[Top Five] Camp Wavelength artists you need to hear”

This Week’s Top 5: July Talk, Beach Slang + More

This week was almost a Canadian only list! The top five tracks come from bands on the rise. You’ll see these names on festival bills almost anywhere, and with good reason. If you haven’t heard of these bands than these are some names you need to familiarize yourself with. Listen to the can’t miss tracksContinue reading “This Week’s Top 5: July Talk, Beach Slang + More”