[Top Five] Camp Wavelength artists you need to hear

Odonis Odonis

In the spirt of Wavelength going down this weekend, here are five tracks from the performers you need to hear. So if you missed the festival, no worries. Here are a few of the hidden gems that took the stage.

Odonis Odonis - "Needs"


Off of their latest record, Post Plague; Needs, captures everything that is perfect about Odonis Odonis: the perfect meshing of electronic and rock with a little bit of metal.


Cloud Nothings - "Should Have"


A teenage dream, Cloud Nothings are a must hear band. The band incorporates their Cleveland roots into their pop-punk creating a strong element that separates them from every other band.

Wolf Saga - "Always With Me"


Energetic and talented, Wolf Saga’s music is a treat. If you haven’t discovered the magic of Wolf Saga take a listen.

Casper Skulls - King of Gold 


New to Buzz records, Casper Skulls are a band to see. More often than not their names are on bills around the city and with good reason. The Toronto-based band is a dark step into rock that makes you crave more.

Operators - "Cold Light"



Made up of members from other projects, Operators are skilled musicians to watch out for. Each song is so distinctly their own with their melding of rock, pop and electro elements.

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