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5 Things you didn’t know about Julia Jacklin


Meet the singer-songwriter on the edge of a breakout. About to release her debut EP, Don’t Let the Kids Win, Julia Jacklin is an artist to watch. Bringing us sweet melodies and poetic lyrics all the way from Australia this past weekend at TURF, Jacklin took a minute before the performance to talk. We learned that behind the scenes the singer has a winning personality and sense of humour that makes her more endearing.

Check out our interview where we learned a few unknown things about the singer.

1. She makes men cry


Q: What’s the most emotional song you’ve ever written?

JJ: Don’t Let the Kids Win, which is the title track for the album.  I didn’t think it was super emotional, I mean it is, but the reaction I’ve gotten from crowds is just great, weird and amazing.

Q: Weird how so?

JJ: Just tears, a lot of tears. I just did a tour around the UK and grown men were coming up to me and were like ‘I cried and I feel ok about it.’

Q: How do you feel about that?

JJ: *laughs* I feel a little bad about it actually! It’s pretty crazy that it brings out such an emotional reaction from people that I’ve never met. I didn’t realize the power of it before I started playing it outside of Sydney.

2. Her break-up songs bring people together

Q: What is your favourite part of performing?

JJ: I like being able to talk to people after shows and learn something about people I’ve never met before and hearing all of their stories and how they have a totally different emotional reaction to a song than me, or what I thought possible.

Q: What’s been your favourite fan story you’ve heard so far?

JJ: I played a show in Sydney and this couple came up to me and were like ‘Oh, we did our first dance at our wedding to this song.’ and I was like…that’s interesting. That’s a really sad break up song. It makes you realize what someone is taking away from your music, even if it’s not what you intended, it’s rewarding.

3. She used to phone it in


Q: What was the first song you ever performed?

JJ: It was a song called something really lame like The Sea Captain. It was a folk song about a wife waiting for her sea captain husband to return home.

Q: Why do you think that’s lame?

JJ: Looking back I can see what I was doing. I was trying to be a folk song writer and I was listening to a lot of better writers than me. I was like, I have to be singing about these things that mean nothing to me…like…a sea chanty. When I lived in a landlocked area and I grew up in the 2000’s. Obviously I have no idea what it’s like to lose a husband to the ocean.

Q: How did you find your own song writing skills?

JJ: I realized after I had written a bunch of those terrible songs. I was like, ‘these sound terrible and no one wants to hear them.’ Because they feel bad to sing if they’re not coming from a real place. Even if you have a good voice, when you’re singing disingenuous lyrics it doesn’t matter. Get over yourself and have a bit of fun. No one needs melancholy folk songs about forests.

4. She laughs at herself

Q: Worst song you’ve ever written?

JJ: Oh, I have so many. I listened to one the other day that was just so bad. My friend sent it to me because I asked if he had any of my old demos, because I was curious. It was called something like, Wolf at The Door and it was talking about a man and some relationship I had never experienced. He was a wolf and I was a sheep…it was just really, really bad. I was like ‘please never show this to anyone ever.’

5. She knows how to play children's cartoon 
theme songs on the sax.

What was your first instrument and why did you play it?

JJ: *Silence* Do you have Bob The Builder here? The first instrument was the saxophone.  I played it because the school training band needed a saxophone player…and that was all that was left. I played it for six months and I hated it. The first song we had to learn was the Bob The Builder theme song, the kids show. It was just so bad. I wanted to learn some cool cheesy sax line, not a children’s cartoon theme song.

What did you do after that?

JJ: I moved on to theatre.

What was the best play you acted/ sang in?

JJ: Fiddler on the roof. I had no lines, I was in the chorus, chores member number twelve.


Don’t Let The Kids Win is out October 12th. Check out the video for the second track, Leadlight, off of the album below and photos from her TURF performance here.

TURF Day Three: Death Cab for Cutie, Jimmy Eat World + More

Sunday September 18th – Photos by Daniela Tantalo and Taija Anderson | TURF day 3: Death Cab For Cutie headlines the final night. 

No rain, no construction, and a lot of sun, the final day of Toronto Urban Roots Fest ended on a bright note. Death Cab for Cutie ended the festival and shared the spotlight with Jimmy Eat World, The Hold Steady and many other amazing acts. Check out the photos below!

Want more photos? Check out TURF day one and day two

The Belle Game
Sun K
Marlon Williams
Julia Jacklin
The New Pornographers
Matt Good 


The Hold Steady
Wild Child
Adam Baldwin
Jimmy Eat World
Death Cab For Cutie 


TURF Day Two: Ween, Barenaked Ladies + more

Photos by Taija Anderson and *Daniela Tantalo | September 17th, 2016 | Ween headlining night two of TURF in Toronto.

Check out TURF, the festival that survived the rain. After uncertainty, the festival at Fort York went on as rain poured most of the day. The weather cleared just in time for a sunset and a rainbow before the headliners took the stage.

Check out the photos from day two below! Miss day one? See more here.

Lee Harvey Osmond
Okkervil River
Lake Street Drive


The Deslondes
Matt Andersen & The Bona Fide


The Sheepdogs
The Sadies
Julian Baker
The Felice Brothers
Barenaked Ladies

[Photos] TURF Day One: The Hives, James Bay + more

Photos by Taija Anderson & *Daniela Tantalo | September 16th 2016 – The Hives performing at TURF: Toronto Urban Roots Festival

Thought festival season was over?  Not in Toronto! TURF: Toronto Urban Roots Festival is has taken over Fort York with four stages for three days of performers. James Bay, Death Cab For Cutie and Ween are headlining, but the “smaller” acts aren’t to be missed. Whitehorse, Barenaked Ladies, and The Belle Game are all set to take the stage this weekend and it’s sure to be a treat.

Check out photos from day below.

Modern Space
Margo Price
The Hives
Skinny Lister*
Jake Bugg
Dwanye Gretzky*
Matt Mays*
Modern Baseball
Dropkick Murphy’s*
Explosions in the Sky
Drive By Truckers*
James Bay


Explore The Hidden Gems of TURF


In a few short weeks one of Toronto’s best festivals will take over Fort York and unleash a stellar lineup. Death Cab for Cutie, James Bay and (for the nostalgic ones) Jimmy Eat World are just a few names drawing people in. But there are some amazing up and coming  performers that should not be missed. Often times if the band is unknown, festival goers might not care as much if they arrive a little late for the set, or grab a beer during. Well, if you’re unsure of when to opt for a break, make certain that you don’t miss these names.

Wild Child

Wild Child make fans fall in love by telling them intimate stories in the form of songs. Vocalists Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins beautifully confess their souls with homage to their Texas roots whittled into their unqiue campfire indie-pop.


The Belle Game

Twistedly pop, The Belle Game find a way to create an energy that makes their music thrive. The Vancover-based band disappeared off the scene for a little while, but resurfaced with a shiny new sound, with the same elements that made them so unqiue before. Check out River, off of their debut album.



2016 marks the band’s 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album. They are a throwback to angsty grunge palatable for adults, kind of like if Death Cab for Cutie was a little more rock. The 2015 release of the album Pacific Milk is a masterpiece and a must hear.

Marlon Williams

Listening to Marlon William’s is like taking a walk down an abandoned road. Walking forward, there is an impending feeling that something menacing is close behind. Capturing audiences with hunting stories with equal parts beauty and country, William’s is a performer not to miss.

The Sadies

Familiar to TURF and Toronto The Sadies are a sound all of their own; bluegrass, blues, psychedelic, garage rock, all these and more can be found in the talents various albums. Their stage presence is enticingly unique and each show is never quite like the last.


Check out the full line up and schedule here.


TURF Artists Announced!


Keeping it’s September schedule, TURF: Toronto Urban Roots Festival has announced the first wave of artists performing a the 2016 festival. Death Cab and James Bay will be headlining, alongside another yet to be announced. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, and there are still 19 more acts to be added to the schedule!