The One to Watch: Declan Mckenna

EP after great EP, Declan McKenna will finally be releasing the debut album we’ve been waiting for. What Do You Think About the Car will be available July 21st and I’ll be counting down. Don’t know who McKenna is? Well, you should.  Brazil, is the addicting-sweet song I first heard. Contrasted with an honest depth thatContinue reading “The One to Watch: Declan Mckenna”

The five stages you go through when your favorite band releases new music | July Talk

Thank everything that is holy. There is new July Talk. Let that sink in. Everyone has that one band. No matter how chill you are, they come on and you lose your mind. They’re the most played on your iPod and when they release a new song you pretty much lose your mind. Deny itContinue reading “The five stages you go through when your favorite band releases new music | July Talk”

Behind the Scenes with Garden Echo

  Are you looking for a new obsession? Well, meet San Diego’s Garden Echo. Made up of Alexia Villarino, Sara Swanson, Andrew Moberly (guitar) and Josh Edwards (drums), the band is an edgy treat with a euphoric sound. Their unique style and talent captures your attention at first look and listen. Currently performing around California,Continue reading “Behind the Scenes with Garden Echo”

The Year’s Best Guitar Faces

Everyone is releasing their end of year lists, so here’s one of mine. The best guitar faces of the year. Don’t know what a guitar face is? Well check out the photos to get the full experience.

Straight Outta Nashville: Clear Plastic Masks

They take the stage looking as if they’ve stepped through a time-machine. The 70’s isn’t dead at a Clear Plastic Masks show. The crowd is either unfamiliar with them or die-hard fans pressed to the stage. For those who don’t know them, you’ll crave them by the end of a set. They drip rockstar despite howContinue reading “Straight Outta Nashville: Clear Plastic Masks”

All You Need To Know About The Casbys

You voted, you decided, now we wait for the show. Thursday, massive names will pile into The Phoenix Concert centre to claim their awards at the 2015 CASBY Awards, presented by The Edge 102.1. But that’s not the only thing going down. The Zolas, Yukon Blonde  and USS are just a few of the bandsContinue reading “All You Need To Know About The Casbys”

Inside Ginger Ale & The Monowhales Video Release Party

Holy hell, Monowhales. I bow to you. Bubbles, balloons, pool noodles and a shimmering drumset…this was The Horseshoe? It is when Ginger Ale & The Monowhales take over. Stopping by on Friday for their video release party, hosted by Exclaim and Indie Week, the band brought out a burst of energy and wrapped it inContinue reading “Inside Ginger Ale & The Monowhales Video Release Party”

Indie Week Exclusive: Inside The Launch Party

Alas, Indie week, has begun. What a better way to start off the festival than with a party celebrating what the festival is all about simply, good music. Joni Fuller, Victoria  + Jean and Tiny Danza opened the first night with intimate performances for a select few.   Here’s a quick recap of what wentContinue reading “Indie Week Exclusive: Inside The Launch Party”