Behind the Scenes with Garden Echo


Photos by Bethany Swanson

Are you looking for a new obsession? Well, meet San Diego’s Garden Echo. Made up of Alexia Villarino, Sara Swanson, Andrew Moberly (guitar) and Josh Edwards (drums), the band is an edgy treat with a euphoric sound. Their unique style and talent captures your attention at first look and listen. Currently performing around California, JS got an exclusive with the band. Before their show at Soda Bar, Garden Echo gave us a look at what goes on behind the scenes for a band on the rise.

Enjoy your backstage pass.





GE3Garden Echo formed in 2015 after Swanson moved from LA and reconnected with Villarino at a local show and added, Moberly and Edwards later on. Having mastered their daunting atmospheric sound early on the band released their debut EP Quiet Voices in October of last year. The strong debut secured them places supporting acts like Haunted Summer, Cobalt Cranes, the Gloomies and Potty Mouth, among others.

Take a listen to Nighthawk off of Quiet Voices and fall in love with Garden Echo. 

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