The five stages you go through when your favorite band releases new music | July Talk


Thank everything that is holy. There is new July Talk. Let that sink in.

Everyone has that one band. No matter how chill you are, they come on and you lose your mind. They’re the most played on your iPod and when they release a new song you pretty much lose your mind. Deny it all you want, everyone has one. Today my favourite band, July Talk released a new single, Push + Pull, off of their upcoming follow up album to their self titled 2014 release.

Now there are five stages every fan goes through. All of which I experienced this morning.

Stare in disbelief


When the words “New Music” precede your favourite band’s name there aren’t words that can ever describe that euphoric feeling. Your face, body, and mind don’t exactly know how to process this quite yet.

Lose your shit

giphy (3)

Just pray you’re not in public like I was.

Try to contain yourself

giphy (2).gif

Because, you’re an adult right? This is just a band. You can handle yourself. Like you’ve been waiting forever for this day and it’s as perfect as you imagined it. You got this. Just calmly press play.

Fail at containing yourself

giphy (1).gif

Hitting play was mistakes because once it starts you’re already in love, head banging and gasping for air.

Listen to this glorious gift

giphy (4).gif

Again, and again…and again. A week passes and you’re still fully submerged in the new tune and counting down the days until the new album arrives.


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