[Top Five] Releases to get you through quarantine

Declan McKenna – “The Key to Life on Earth.” Everything McKenna writes is a beautifully dark take on society. It’s even more daunting and appealing coming from someone so young. The 21-year-old released an eerie video for the second single off of his upcoming album Zeros. July Talk – “Governess Shadow” The beloved Toronto-based JulyContinue reading “[Top Five] Releases to get you through quarantine”

[Top 5] Tracks to get you pumped for CMW

“Matt and Kim – Forever” Before the electronic duo headline the CMW kick off party on May 7th, Matt and Kim have released a dazzling new track you need to hear. Moon King – “In and Out” Get ready because Moon King will be taking over The Baby G on May 11th for a headliningContinue reading “[Top 5] Tracks to get you pumped for CMW”

[Top 5] Shows you CAN’T miss this week

The year is almost done and it’s provided some stellar acts. It can be hard to keep up who to see and who’s coming with this much action going on. This week in particular Toronto will be home to some AMAZING acts. Starting off the week with a bit of fun BAIO is playing TheContinue reading “[Top 5] Shows you CAN’T miss this week”

[Top five] Singles by female bands you need to hear

These bands need no introductions. Whether their names are familiar to you or not, you’ll fall in love with these tracks. Soccer Mommy – Allison Wolf Alice – “Heavenward” Weaves – “Walk Away” Bully “Feel the Same” The Regrettes -“Seashore”      

[Top five] Tracks not to miss

Back with a follow up to their debut single, Johnny, Basement Revolver has released the aftermath of a heartbroken teen trying to cling to the remains of a fantasy with Johnny pt. 2. After years of silence from the Toronto band, Alvvays have come back on the scene with In Undertow, as well as an album announcement. AlwaysContinue reading “[Top five] Tracks not to miss”

[Top 5] albums that helped me find myself in Europe

Camera, water, good walking shoes, and most importantly, a playlist set for the city….(and maybe bring a map) For two weeks, I’ve been wondering around the streets of Europe with artists in my playlists I hadn’t listened to quite as much back home. Finding the perfect playlist for vacation is basically a necessity, having theContinue reading “[Top 5] albums that helped me find myself in Europe”

[Top 5] New Albums not miss

Splashh – Waiting a lifetime Brilliantly odd, Splashh are an acquired taste of rock that plays on the outskirts of experimental sounds. Never sounding a thing like their previous work, Splashh has once again mastered how to capture themselves while fully changing their sound. Bishop Briggs – Bishop Briggs EP Exceeding huge expectations built upContinue reading “[Top 5] New Albums not miss”

[Top Five] Have You Heard?

Timber Timber – “Sewer Blues” From the depths of nightmare’s and the heart of sadness, Timber Timber are back with a new track that is a much more tame take on their normal sound. Off of their upcoming album, Sincerely, Future Pollution (out in April), Sewer Blues is a slow rock ballad that is slightly off centre ofContinue reading “[Top Five] Have You Heard?”

[Top five] Albums not to forget in 2017

2017 is sure to bring some exciting and much anticipated albums forth. Along the way we need to recall some of the greats that last year  gave us. This week’s top five is dedicated to those we fell in love with last year. You could say they’re following in the footsteps on bands like Fidlar,Continue reading “[Top five] Albums not to forget in 2017”